Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am kinda following the FIRST plan this week (not sure yet I'll stick with this... I'm undecided). Anyway, it called for 1 slow mile and 5 at tempo (10K +30s pace), I was aiming for 10:30 min/mile. Here are my splits:

Mile 1 @ 11:09 min/mile
Mile 2 @ 10:40 min/mile
Mile 3 @ 10:41 min/mile
Mile 4 @ 10:41 min/mile
Mile 5 @ 10:22 min/mile
Mile 6 @ 10:22 min/mile

Not the most interesting post! This was a hard run, there was strong winds again and I couldn't go faster than 10:40 with the wind in my face.... I am thinking about following the FIRST plan and add a Wedneday easy run starting with 3 miles and building up to 5 miles. I don'T think I can commit to more than 4 days of running right now... I am trying to finish this damn thesis after all!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Happy running! =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, apparently I can do speedwork with my dog and in a wind advisory too! =)

Mile 1 @ 11:28 min/mile (Warm-up)
Mile 2 @ 10:28 min/mile (Close to 10K pace)
Mile 3 @ 9:40 min/mile (Close to 5K pace)
Mile 4 @ 11:08 min/mile (Cool down)

I'm pretty happy with the 9' min per mile as it was done with the wind in my face, close to 40 km/h! Somehow I thought I would avoid the wind for the 2 fast miles but it was right in my face oh well... wind resistance is good!

Have a good night all!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am still plan less, as I haven't decided which one to go with, but I am running! I run pain-free but the aftermath is not pretty... I have to ice my foot all night and the next morning is associated with intense pain and walking like an old lady for 20 mins. After that, the pain "kinda" goes away... I have my 2nd treatment of ESWT tomorrow night and I am confident this will be taken care of in a timely manner...

Rocky joined me on all my runs this week!
Tuesday 3 miles @ 10:58 min/mile
Thursday 5 miles @ 10:56 min/mile
Saturday 11 miles @ 11:15 min/mile (4.5 miles with the Dude)

I am so happy the mileage is getting to a decent level, I am planning on finding a marathon plan ASAP. It probably won't be the FIRST plan, since I want to run with my dog and he wants to smell a lot so I have to pull him a lot in the right direction! Speedwork with him is something to forget, running with a 14 lbs resistance is hard! I just ordered a stability belt to run with your dog on ebay so I should get that early next week and that'll make my runs with him much easier. =)

I've been tagged by Ken and Laurel to share 5 facts about myself on my blog, some random, some weird.

The Rules of the game: Link to your tagger, and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.Tag 5 people at the end of your post by their names and links to their blogs. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.
FACT 1: I could live on a diet of chips, more chips and water =) Self control is not something that comes naturally to me! lol
FACT 2: I am not environmental friendly when it comes to kleenex... I must have some sort of nose issues because I use at least 20 kleenex per day! Let me tell you it's not pretty during my winter runs...
FACT 3: I've never taken a break from school, went from high school to cegep, then university with an undergrad in chemistry and a doctorate in environmental sciences. That's why I'll only be 27 and you will be able to call me Doctor! (Now I wish I enjoyed life a little more...)
FACT 4: I was voted Miss Analytical Chemistry the last year of my undergrad. Not it wasn't a pageant just voting for who was the most hardcore analytical chemist!
FACT 5: I refuse to use another bank than my bank to withdraw money. I know it'S only 2$ charges but it drives me insane to pay for nothing. So, I end up never carrying money on me and always paying credit... there is only 4 National Bank of Canada in Windsor!
Next up (yep I know how to count... but I tag 6 people!):

Monday, November 19, 2007


I ran 4 miles on Saturday with my dog in the misty rain. It was nice and the body hold on. I was in a lot of pain the morning after though. And could barely walk for the first 15 mins when I woke-up... On the good news side, I had an encouraging appointment at the chiropractor =) He has started some ESWT (extracorporeal shock-wave therapy) at low intensity on my heel. It's mostly not painful, unless he's hitting the spot where I have pain, which makes me cringe a little.

"Shock wave therapy is thought to work by inducing microtrauma to the tissue that is affected by plantar fasciitis. This microtrauma initiates a healing response by the body. This healing response causes blood vessel formation and increased delivery of nutrients to the affected area. The microtrauma is thought to stimulate a repair process and relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis." -

I am going to have 5 treatments (once a week) before I leave for Christmas and that should be enough to totally heals it. That made me happy, I trust him 100%, he solved my shin splints problems in 3 treatments with Active Release Technique in the past. He said I probably won't see a full recovery until the treatment is all over but it should start feel better soon. Since I don't have any pain when I run (just the morning after) he told me I can still run =) And that I could probably do the marathon. I'll wait until we're closer to the date to decide what I am going to do.....

Ok, well that's the story of my road to recovery!!! Thanks for reading everyone and happy Running!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yes a little 2 miler but oh god did it ever feel good! =) I ran with my dog and had a late start which means its pitch dark outside but the view ofthe Bridge all illuminated and Detroit skyline was really nice. I didn't have my camera but I found this picture on the web and it looks just like this (

I didn't really feel any discomfort from the heel and did my exercices when I came back + I'm icing it right as I type this. I'm going to go for a 4-5 miler this week-end and hopefully this means I can resume my training! YAY! I'm so happy!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Foot still hurt, not as much though, the doctor diagnosed the Plantar Fasciitis as Michelle mentionned in my last post. I am taking some anti-inflammatories and resting the foot for a week or two. I am thinking about doing a small run this week with the pooch and see how it feels. This does not look good upon my Miami Marathon =( I knew I was already cutting the training a bit short with only 3 months before the marathon but now it looks like I will have to transfer to the half. There is no way to do this without getting injured with only 2 months before the event now.... I'm disappointed but it's not like I did all the training and got injured at the last minute. That would be a lot more frustrating... If I recover quickly from the PF I can try to go for a half-marathon PB....

On the good news, I just finished my second scientific article (Mineralogical Approach to the Study of Biomineralization in Fish Otoliths) and it will be submitted to Mineralogical Magazine Journal tomorrow! 2 downs, 2 more to go before this thesis is done! =)

Saturday, November 03, 2007


So, it seems that it's one thing after the other to prevent me from running. The mono, a cold and now this foot issue.... It has started about a week ago, I didn't want to write about it because I thought that the extra rest due to the cold would make it magically disappear... yeah I know stupid... so the problem is that my heel hurts when I put pressure on it. So, I just walked on the tip of my toes on this foot during the week. Yesterday, the foot felt a bit better and I got my new toy so I decided to test my heel for a 3 miler. Since the run, I can't even put my own weight on my heel without sharp pain. =( Anyway, now I'm super down and I can't run and I'm definitely throwing myself a pity party but sometimes that's what you need.... Right now, it's icing for 10 mins every hour (says Dr. Mom) and see how it feels tomorrow.

On to the next part of this post, the "Rant".... So, since my heel hurts and I can't run or really walk much on it (still have to walk the pooch). I figured I should get it checked by a doctor... Well, being an out-of-province patient totally F'ing SUCKS. That means I will have to pay from my own pocket to get any X-Ray done or any other test that a doctor ask me to do. And my government only reimburse me 50% of any bills I pay. And it takes... oh yeah maybe 6-8 months to get reimbursed!! So, I'm getting screwed. Anyway, I know it'S way worse in the States so sorry for my US friends, you must still think I'm pretty lucky but it annoys me... Ok, well sorry for this really pessimistic post I guess tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, November 02, 2007


A brand new Forerunner 205!!!

WOOHOO!! I'm so excited to run with it tonight =) Thanks Mom and Dad for this great B'day/Christmas present!! I just realised I never mentionned it was my B'day... on October 25th! lol A few days after the Detroit half.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


So, it's week 1 of marathon training and total miles ran is 0. =(

Everyone I know is sick or starting to feel sick so it's no surprise, with my super immune system that I caught that cold. I'm thinking a cold on week 1 is better than marathon week so I've been resting and waiting for it to go away. I just started to sleep better last night as my nose is not stuffed up anymore. I missed the weekday runs but I will do my long run on Saturday (9 miles). I'm still hesitating between 2 plans. Hal Higdon marathon training plan Novice 2 tweaked to run only 3 times a week and the FIRST plan. Considering that I'm starting this training late and that I'm in the middle of intense lab work and writing my thesis, running 3 times a week will be an achievement itself!

Yesterday was Halloween and although I did not dress up this year. I dressed my pooch for his nightime walk. It was only a hat but he was sooooo cute!! As you can see with this picture, Rocky does not seem too impressed....

Have a good week-end everyone! =)