Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I ran 3 miles with my Dad yesterday, it was pretty slow (his knee is bugging him) but we got it done for you! 41:40 at 13:53 min/mile. I love the company too much to complain about the speed of the run! LOL

A friend and I are going to the Bicycle Show on Friday, I really hope they have the saddle I want to buy there! It's the first time I am going to this so hopefully it is worth the 10$ cover to get in.

Also, I signed up for another race (someone stops me please!!) but this is one is VERY COOL!! It's called Not Since Moses and we run at the "bottom of the sea after it parts, right where 15 meters of water packed with flounder and bass flow a couple of hours before and after the event." It's in Nova Scotia, my adopted province (Andra you should come for this!).

Have a good rest of week Peeps!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm beat, the new job+commute is kicking my ass!! No time/motivation for anything computer related once I come back home on week nights and week-ends concist of trying to prepare all the meals, laundry etc. for the week to come.

The new job is great so far. I'm enjoying the projects I've been assigned to. Since there is no lab work involved I do not feel like a 'real' chemist right now but I think it's more an adaptation period to go through. I'm looking forward to my first pay cheque this week!! My first big purchase will be a new saddle for my bike. I want to get an ISM Adamo Women's saddle as recommended by my friend Jordan.

Training is going really well. I hit all my training last week. This week was harder, missed both strenght workouts (insert shameful expression) and the swim. I have a really hard time getting to the pool ay 9PM. I get up pretty early to avoid traffic and 9PM is almost my bed time. Not sure I'll do lots of swimming in the next few weeks.

Running is going well, my LSD is up to 6.25 miles (the Race is 15K or 9.4miles), train ticket is bought so I am going! PF is not back but I've been suffering from achilles tendonitis... which is NOT cool. Sometimes, I just feel like I should give up and get back to my old 'Couch potato' self... but gotta keep on trucking... right?

At least, there is my bike trainer which I still love, it's a blessing to be able to do intense workouts since running is not more than 2 times a week for me...

That's most news from me. I'm going to try and read all (gulp 156) messages you guys have written while I was sleeping LOL

BTW Happy Single Awareness Day! (aka Valentine's Day)

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Yep that's me! Survived my first week of work (well it was only 3 days but that was a good thing). Commuting is insane... I never hated more living in the 'suburb' more than now. Think big snowstorm on my first day and 2h45 commute to get back home (should take 1h15!) The job is very interesting so far. I'm working on a project that is getting lots of media attention and that's quite exciting! On my first day, the Director of my Section was interviewed for CBC news. As I take up on projects that will be me =)

It's been rough to keep up with the training as I am totally wiped when I get back home. It will take some time to get use to the new routine.

Here's last week in Review (Week 6)

Monday: off, resting the ankle
Tuesday: Swim 2K in 43 mins
Wednesday: 45 mins shoveling
Thursday: 45 mins shoveling
Friday: off
Saturday: 45 mins long ride (10 W-U, 10 mins 15s out of saddle every 2 mins, 10 mins 30s out of saddle every 2 mins, 10 mins 30s out of saddle every 1 min, 5 mins CD)
Sunday: LSD 4.5 miles at 11:59 min/mile pace. On the treadmill, hated every minute of it but that's pretty fast for a LSD for me so that made me happy!

Here's the Review from the week before that I forgot to report... (Week 5)

Monday: off
Tuesday: Bike trainer speed session (10 W-U, 15 mins 30/30 hard/easy, 10 CD) +short strenght
Wednesday: 2.5 miles at race pace (11:47 min/mile)
Thursday: 10 mins bike warm-up + Long strenght training, 1K swim 23:30 (fastest time so far!)
Friday: off
Saturday: 60 mins long ride (30 W-U, 10 mins 15s out of saddle every 2 mins, 10 mins 15s out of saddle every 1 min, 10 mins CD)
Sunday: 4.1 miles at 12:30 min/mile pace. Outside and hard!

Hoping to do a little better this week!!! Imagine that, we're expecting more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday.... yay.....