Thursday, November 23, 2006


The sun is shinning, the temperature is mild (10 oC) we can't really ask for more at this time of year!! I went for a 6.5 mile run yesterday at 10:54 min/mile and it was just awesome! =) I ran 1 mile by myself before meeting my now weekly running buddy (aka My newfie) at the beginning of the trail for a 5 mile run. He has made some fantastic improvement in the small amount of time he started running.... (read little jealous!) He hadn't run in years and the first time we meet up for our run, he managed to run continously for 2.5 miles! And now he can run 5 miles without stopping! And I'm not slowing down from him, he can keep up with me no problem! He's already a speed racer, I'm sure his Y chromosome has something to do with it..... After our 5 miles, we separated and I ran an additional half mile... It was already dark when I finished at 5:30 PM!!! I had to walk the pooch.... in the dark, this is the only part of this that really sucks!! Here is a picture of my little Rocky, the first man in my life obviously... =)

Happy American Thanksgiving and happy runing!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I was/am suppose to study all day for my comprehensive exam on December 18th.... obviously procrastinating. So the apartment is clean as it can be, dishes are done, clothes are washed and I went for a 1h15 long run! I did 7 miles, even though Garmin is telling me it's only 6.55 miles!! I hit the 10K (6.1m) at 1h05 which I thought was pretty good, ran 5 minute more and Garmin tells me I'm at 6.01 mile! WTF! Garmin cannot be broken because that will break my heart!!! I'm praying for a dislexy or hiccup moment... hopefully she'll be back on track next week!! I think that she's still under warranty anyway but I don't want to send her away!! ;-P

On another note, I will keep going to my spinning classes... last Thursday I was so sure I was going to quit, telling everybody that it would be my last spinning class and it turned out to be the best workout so far. I guess the prof sense I was going to quit and gave her 110%... or I'm just not a quitter... you make your own opinion!

Happy Running all!!! =)

p-s Marty I've been trying to get to your blog all week and the page is always blank... not sure what's up with that! I hope the marathon went well!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A month ago, I was feeling on top of the world with the end of months of training and the finish of my first marathon! I can say now that this feeling is gone and that I've use the excuse of just having run a marathon to indulge with food and wine a little too much! I'm now 5 lbs heavier and in desperate need to get back into running seriously! That's why I picked a race, the Chilly Half-Marathon (Burlington, ON) in March. Amanda and my newfie will run this race too, company is always fun! Although the guru Hal says I could start my training the week of December 18th.... I will start now! I need some sort of schedule to follow, a structured training. I HATE, HATE with a capital H my spinning classes... looking at my watch every 5 mins so even though I paid 75$ for these (ggrrr) I'm not sure I will go anymore!! Ok, enough ramblings!

Happy running week everybody! =)

Saturday, November 11, 2006


A conference in Montreal and the visit of my new niece (Alice) in Ste-Luce-Sur-Mer kept me away from the blogger world for this past week!! But I got 3 runs in, 3 miles each time... I find it hard to get back at it! I think I'm enjoying this break from running and it makes me appreciate more when I am actually going for a small run and clear my mind.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


ME! I decided to dress up as a marathoner (I know, I know REALLY original!) but useful as I ran from my house to the party! It was only 3/4 of a mile away but it was my first nightly run and I really liked it! It also put me in character! =) There was even one person asking me if I ran a marathon before coming to the party... :S seriously, I'm not joking!! Obviously, this person has no idea what a marathon is all about.

I went for a 3 miler on Sunday with my first ever running buddy, My Newfie!! It was really nice, way more demanding to run and speak at the same time! I liked it a lot and hopefully this can become a weekly habit!! =)

Have a good running week people!

p-s for those of you who were wondering... I'm still in a non-commitment mood so I haven't decided about a next race!