Monday, September 22, 2008


Giving a week rest to my foot seems to have done some good. I was able to run 1h with my Dad this morning. It was his first time going farther than 5K!! I told him we could just do one 10 mins interval more than he usual does and we ended up with 1h!! He was pretty happy I pushed him to go further and we ended up doing 7.12K.

My hair had barely time to dry from the morning shower when I met my friend, Marika, and we went to the Olympic pool to swim. We did 2K!!! She's the one who helped me with my technique a few weeks ago. Going with her really pushed me to go faster and I finished the 2K in 50 mins! She did pass me 4 times... but with her background as a swimmer I'm just happy she didn't pass me more often lol

I'm limping a little right now but not as bad as last Monday after my double racing week-end!

Have a good running week everybody

Friday, September 19, 2008


I went shopping with my Dad today, found him a pair of fall running pants and a long sleeve tech shirt =) We walked for a few hours and now I'm getting some sharp pain in my foot every 20-30 secs. It is intense and driving me totally crazy. I tried heat.. didn'T work. Tried ice didn't work either... sigh... I will run Rum Runners but I SWEAR ON MY BLOG that is my last 'stupid stunt'... for awhile which means no Detroit half unfortunately =(

Monday, September 15, 2008


About how bad is the medical system in Quebec (I don't want to generalize by saying Canada but I think so too)

I went to the clinic this morning to get my foot checked. It is still constantly hurting, and I had to start taking ibuprofene everyday now. I knew the double header this week-end was not my most fantastic idea but it was what I wanted to do. And with lots of ibuprofene I enjoyed both races.

Right now, I AM SO ANGRY. They screwed up my case at the clinic and *forgot* to follow up some results from my radiography in April!!!





All summer, I did the best I could to deal with this "unknown" pain in my foot and they knew since way back what I had.... The podiatrist thought it was neuromas so I researched neuromas... seemed to make sense went on board with it. But I knew he wasn't a doctor and wanted to get this checkd before I have a 2nd cortisone injection (apointment made for October 14th).

Having a hard time dealing with this right now.

I AM MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


From my Dad:
Thank you everybody for all your kind supporting words, Sonia showed me the post she wrote about my first race. It was a wonderful experience, the rain did not bother me at all, actually, it helped keep the humidity down as it was very humid today.

The finish line in the Olympic stadium was an extraordinary experience. It gave me an adrenaline shot and I was able to finish the race with a sprint! My next race is in Miami on January 24th and it will allow me to continue training throughout the fall. In the end, I want to say a big thanks to my personal trainer who supported me during my training.

From Me: It was a great experience to pace my Dad for his first race. I was so PROUD of my protégé and how well he did. According to my garmin we came in at 38:27 and he was really happy to be done in less than 40 mins which was his goal. But there was not mat at the starting line so we only have a gun time (no chip time!) and we were near the back of the pack =(

So, his official time is 40:11... I was a little disappointed but the most important thing is that he's done it, feels great about it and he's really happy with his medal!! LOL

(Oh and one woman was hyperventilating near 1.5K and I asked her if she was ok and wanted help. She looked at me really rudely and gave me the finger!!! I couldn't freakin believe it, neither did the people around me.... seriously?!)

Here's some pictures from the race:

Before the race, I surprised him with the signs!!

My Dad smiling at the starting line. He didn't keep that rain coat very long, way too hot!

Us ready to race in the rain!

At the finish line with our medals =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I had a lot of fun today... Isn't what matters in the end? I think so too! =)

Swim 750m
It was my first open water swim ever and we were doing it in the Olympic bassin the site of the Olympic rowing events during the 1976 Olympic Games. It was very cold and pretty much everybody was wearing a wetsuit... I have yet to purchase one since it is so expensive and was wearing my speedo! It was very cold at first and I was panicking a little bit with everyone swimming on me. It took me a while to feel comfortable in the water. I swam about 3 mins slower than at my last tri.

Swim time = 18:07, pace = 2:25/100m

Bike 20K
We were doing 4 loops of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve the site of Montreal's Formula 1 Grand Prix. I was very very careful with my laps count and was dedicated to NOT mess it up this time.

So, I did my first lap and saw my Dad at the end of the lap. I yelled at him but he never looked at me... I looked at the time 10 mins! I'm like WOW! I'm fast, this is good =)

At the end of the 2nd lap, I see my Dad again and decided to wave like crazy on the bike.... everybody else around him saw me except him.... good god he's a bad supporter lol

At the end of the 3rd lap, I was doing all I could so that he could see me which involved yelling and waving and he FINALLY SAW ME!! YAY! Even captured this following picture (I'm in orange):

At the end of 4 laps I was around 39 mins, I was smoking fast and very happy about it!!

Bike time = 44:24, pace = 27.0 Km/h

Run 5K
The run was great, I was not feeling as exhausted as I felt in my last tri. It was hot but I was determined to not slow down. I also finished 3 mins faster than a month ago! =) I am pretty happy about this segment because I was finally feeling strong on a run in a triathlon, mini victory for me here.

Run = 33:18, pace = 6:40 min/Km

Total time was 1:35:47

Which is only 3 mins slower than my last sprint tri where I messed up one of the loops on the bike!

Thanks to my Dad for coming with me and being there to cheer... when he could see me LOL

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Monday, one of my friend who was a swim coach for many years gave me a private class! She had great little tips to improve my form and my breathing. I already feel like my style is a lot smoother. She that said for someone who never took swim classes and pretty much imitated other's people swim my technique was awesome which made me very happy.

Crotchy is back to normal. Alleluia!! So I was able to do 10K on the bike in about 30 mins today (taking things slowly to get back at it lol). Thanks for your support and for laughing at me... no biggies I love to entertain you guys!!

Tomorrow morning will be the last run with my Dad before the Big week-end races. I was thinking of getting my Dad some sort of special present for the race but I don't know exactly what to get him...

Today, while he was away shopping, I prepared signs for the Big Race. My Mom and my Aunt are coming to cheer us so I wanted us to be able to see them from far away. I'm definitely as excited as he is for his racing debut =)

Here are the signs (I do hope my Dad will not look at my blog before the race as this is a surprise right now!!). Obviously they are all in French since we are French lol

This one says: Roger 'Don't fucking stop'

Roger 'don't let Sonia win!'

Hurry up Roger, the beer will be warm!
P.S. Do not look up foot injuries or foot surgeries on google image as you get some pretty nasty stuff you might not ever want to see.... I spared you guys on this.... believe me!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

After reading about all of Marcy's crotchy related problem, I never thought I would be the next target... YES, the bike is evil for me. After Monday's 50K ride, things were sensitive but nothing too too bad.... Then Tuesday was a 2 mile run, Wednesday was a brick workout 30/20 total 12K ride and 2 mile run. But it's really Thursday that killed me.... Our community pool has been close since the end of August and I've found no replacement close by. And with 1 week to go before my final tri of the season I felt like I needed a pool workout.

I thought: "hey I have to be downtown tomorrow for an event, so I'll just take Granny out of the garbage bin, stopped at the pool and made it to the exhibit, plus bike back home". Total 35K ride. Not bad, or so I thought.

Right.... Freakin. Bad. Idea. The streets in Montreal are like Beyrouth. I swear to god, it was THAT bad. So, my brilliant training idea became a nightmare. I made it to the pool in one piece but crotchy already started to hurt. The saddle on Granny is killing my private parts...

So, got to the pool, swam 1500 m. Practiced bi-lateral breathing. Felt pretty happy about myself and almost forgot I had to go back on Granny. Sigh. The ride home was the most painful thing ever. I HATE GRANNY!!

2 days later and I'm still suffering the repercussions of this bike ride. Plus, I'm sick with a stomach bug. Great. Hopefully crotch pain will be gone for my double header next week....

So.... Marcy do you put a cream down there or smth?! LOL

Monday, September 01, 2008


So, I've been a real couch potato these last few days... and I was feeling very fat and blah... so this morning I decided to stop this madness, I've thrown all the chips in the garbage (for real this is my addiction...) and off I went on Bijou.

I passed a bridge, Pont Charles de Gaulle, at the beginning of my route. Separating Montreal from the suburbs!

I decided to go as far as I felt like as long as the ride was at a minimum of 1h30. I stopped at a red light and asked a guy where the cycling path called "La Route Verte" was going and he was like: "as far as you want!". So, I just kept going on it and finally saw the sign below after 14K so I knew I going to target L'Assomption as my final destination (I still had to come back!!).

It started getting really nice to ride after 20K where we stopped being in residential area where you can't ride that fast and there are a lot of turns (they scare me... so I slow down a lot!). After that I saw mostly corn fields and nice waterfront houses.

Finally got to L'Assomption and my watch read 25.02K at that sign!

And look below at the sign I found in Le Gardeur! Apparently dogs cannot poop in the suburbs!!! LOL

Total ride distance = 50.24K
Total ride time = 2h18
Speed = 21.8 Km/h
Pretty happy I finally found the motivation to get out there. I feel great right now!! =)