Monday, March 30, 2009


The race that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside =) I am happy to have been able to participate in this event this year. 2007 holds my PB for this distance (3:21 while marathon training!) and 2008 was done while suffering with PF and finishing my thesis (3:40). Although I was in no shape to do the 30K this year, the relay was a great way to participate in my favorite race. Our team "Footlose and Fancy Feet" did really well, I ran with my friend Pat who smoked the hills (1:35 for the last 15K).

I was convinced it would magically stop raining for the race but when I got up on Sunday and I realised it was going to be pouring rain.... I had a mini panic attack LOL

Once I walked to the starting line and got all excited to start runing I forgot about the rain (well at this point it was just light rain). Then 15 mins in the race it was torrential downpour!! Soaked totally soaked... but smiling =) I always get emotional at the beginning of races, like I'm here doing this! It just feels awesome to be running with 7000 of my best friends!

My target goal pace was 12 min/mile. Splits:

Mile 1: 11:17 min/mile (I thought WAY TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN!)
Mile 2: 11:43 min/mile (better but still too fast!)
Mile 3: 11:36 min/mile (You're going to pay for this later on!)
Mile 4: 11:54 min/mile (now that' better!)
Mile 5: 11:58 min/mile (right on)
Mile 6: 11:36 min/mile (burst of energy!)
Mile 7: 11:18 min/mile (I'm freaking doing this)
Mile 8: 11:10 min/mile (OMFG!)
Mile 9: 11:18 min/mile (I can't freakin believe it =)
Mile 0.47: 10:29 min/mile (KICK BUTT FINISH!)

Average: 11:30 min/mile

I am so happy with my race!! I never thought I could pull that pace for 15K! The chip time is higher considering that around 5.5 miles, I was stopped for more than 2 mins as a train passed.... I had been able to avoid it the last 2 years but there is always a train on race day and it stops a lot of people. Pretty frustrating but nothing you can change about it! I'm not hurting too bad today. Foot is sore and knee too but I'll survive this. I'm bummed I didn't see many bloggers. I got the chance to chat with Francis before the race (it was good to see you again!).

Rain or shine this race is the best!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


In preparation for my Easter hiking trip to Vermont, I got invited to hike Mont St-Hilaire with a friend who has done many hiking trips and and his friends.

My first mountain at Réserve Naturalle Gault
We did the Rocky trail, which was 4.7 K and we were 0.1K away from the top when this picture was taken
Took us 1h30 to get to the top. It was an easy hike for Steve but I was working hard lol
View from the other side of the moutain
On our way down, I had more time to enjoy the view:
I lost one of my yaktrax at some point but we back tracked and anothe hiker had found it. The boys got a little excited after we reached the top and brought me on an off path adventure.... but we were not lost ;-) We made it back to the summit one more time after going abruptly down...

I stopped my garmin at some point and forgot to start it back for 30 mins but according to Steve we did 9.8K in 2h50. The elevation of the mountain was 407 meters or 1335 feet.
Great company, great day! It was a LOT of fun! Looking forward to Vermont even more now.
(Running related: I did a LSD of 9 miles 2 weeks ago, last week I had visit from Windsor so I only did 3 miles, and today was 5 miles. The ATB relay is next week, I'm pretty excited to go!)

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I surprised myself, it only took me 20 mins to figure out how to add the playlist to my blog. I'm getting better at this whole nerd computer thing =) I always spend 2-3 h on Katie's blog listening to her playlist so I thought it was about time I did my own.

Great week training wise so far for me.
Monday: Long strenght training
Tuesday: 2.5 miles run with Rocky
Wednesday: 35 mins on the bike (10 at 30s easy:30s hard)
Today: 1.25K swim in 26 mins (1K in 21 mins! I'm getting faster without training :o)
Tomorrow: Tae-Box at lunch time (a trial, let's hope I don't hurt anyone!)

I figured out a way to make it to the pool! I leave work early and can make it to the 4PM lane swimming. Gotta love my flexible schedule. It was great to be back in the pool after more than a month and half without going. I missed the water except the temperature today would have been more appropriate in a hot tub... I wanted to do 2K but I had to stop when I felt like I was going to faint!!

Is anyone still watching Grey's Anatomy, it's one of the only show I am still following (with 24!) and it's starting to really bug me the whole re-run thing.... end of rant ;-)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


So........ I haven't posted in 2 weeks? Wow that flew right by!! My job is keeping me really busy and guess what? I got my first paycheque!! I still can't believe that the government is taking almost half of it but eh c'est la vie!

I had my longest run of the year yesterday. I wanted to do it outside but it was -StupidCold/-28°C in the morning so I waited... 2h later it was only down 2°C...... so I dragged my ass downstair to suffer on the dreadmill. What a shock to realize that it wasn't THAT bad afterall. And I actually wasn't wanting to die the whole time =)

8 miles/13K in 1:35 with overall pace of 11:47 min/mile (!!!!) which is SPEED LIGHTING FAST for me these days .

The treadmill came to a brutal stop... so I had to re-start it and I still had lots of energy left so I decided to try for negative splits.

9.45K @12:16 min/mile (when it stopped....)
3.55K @ 11:22min/mile

I feel like a survivor, coming to a stop so suddently is not recommended... especially when you have wonky ankles, foot, legs etc like me ;-)

Anyhow, I hope you're all doing well and I'll try to catch up with you guys this week!