Sunday, January 25, 2009


Almost twisted my ankle at the end of my LSD today.... trying to avoid a stupid jerk driving his car way too close to me.

Ankle is now bruised...

Knee hurts A LOT...

Icing both.... stupid stupid winter.

Pity party line: WHY ME?!

ETA: My Dad ran his 2nd race yesterday, the tropical 5K in Miami. He had a PB with a time of 41:05, a little faster than in Montreal and considering he had a bronchitis for the last 2 weeks, a great performance! I am so proud of my Dad! I cannot wait till the day he's going to say, let's run a marathon together =)

Monday, January 19, 2009


I went back to the Doc today. I went shopping with my Mom on Friday (for 9h!!!) and my foot was really sore at the end of the day. I thought this was a very bad sign and wanted to get it checked before I start the new job (Date is set! January 28 is my first day at my REAL job!).

Anyhow, I have no pain where the PF usually was. I can now stand on my heels and walk (which I hadn't been able to do for the past 15 months... ). It's a slow process, it is normal for my foot to be sore and feel 'weird' as I changed my way of walking to not feel too much pain when the PF was there.

Since the pain is not constant and it comes after a long day of walking or an intense run in the snow. She suggests RICE and not pushing it. Which is what I am going to do. Overall a positive meeting. I am still on the waiting list for the MRI but she thinks nothing will come out of it.

Here's last week in Review

Monday: Long strenght training following the lovely Carrie's program

Tuesday: Bike speed session . I ramped-up the 'speed' intervals this week from 10 mins to 15 mins. So includind warm up and cool down 35 mins on the bike

Wednesday: 25 mins run in Minus Mental (-34°C/29F)

Thursday: Short strength training and the first swim since November! 1.25K in a very respectable 29 mins I wasn't as rusty as I thought!

Friday: Rest = 9h of shoping!!

Saturday: Long ride on the trainer with some 'hills'.
30 mins @ Ride easy
10 mins @ 15 sec climbing out of the saddle every 2 mins (hard)
10 mins @ 30 sec climbing out of the saddle every 2 mins (really hard)
10 mins @ 45 sec climbing out of the saddle every 2 mins (holy f'ck hard!!)
10 mins @ cool down

Sunday: The worst run in the history of runs. 3.9 miles outside, streets and sidewalks were not plowed. I couldn't find my yak trax so this was like torture would feel. It was the worst run ever. Slow and bad footing. I hate winter.

Today I took a rest day, the mix of intense spin on Saturday and the bad footing of yesterday's run made my legs very tired and sore. Back to regular programming tomorrow. As much as I am excited to start the new job, I am also super scared of the real world. Hopefully, I won't suck too much LOL

Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of my favorite blogger peep, Laurel, tagged me the other day.

4 favorite memories from 2008
1. Quebec City Half-marathon
2. Miami Half-marathon
3. Trip to Aruba with my Dad
4. Finishing my Ph.D.

4 favorite movies watched in 2008
1. Borderline (Quebec movie)
2. Spirit of the Marathon
3. James Bond Quantum
4. 27 dresses

4 of my favorite foods in 2008
1. Chips (Doritos and Miss Vickies)
2. Big Mac
3. Nachos/Salsa/Guacamole
4. Swiss Chalet (ordered from them a lot while I was writing my Ph.D. thesis!)

4 places i loved in 2008
1. Oranjestad, Aruba
2. Burlington, Vermont
3. Miami, Florida
4. Rediscovering Montreal after living away for 5 years

4 events i loved in 2008
1. Quebec City Half-marathon
2. Around the Bay 30K
3. Miami Half Marathon
4. Cheering my best friend while she was finishing her first half in Detroit

4 things i liked in 2008
1. Time for myself
2. Reconnecting with old friends
3. Blogging
4. Red wine

4 things i am looking forward to in 2009
1. Starting my new job
2. Losing weight
3. Moving to a new apartment or condo
4. Settling in the real world

4 people I tag
1. Leana
2. Katie
3. Alexandra
4. Brian

I went for a run yesterday, I couldn't feel my feet for the first 10 mins. I turned around to go back home then the wind was at my back and my toes came back to life so I kept running. One women at the bus stop asked me if I was alright... guess she's not an adept of winter sports lol

So 2 miles in 25 mins, -34°C/-29F. Good enough in those conditions.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

50/50 DRAW, who is going to be next?

I got it mid-December from Marci in Whitby Ontario, so the book came from the province next mine (Québec). I just finished it and it's time for me to pass it on and let it travel some more miles. This awesome idea was piloted by Ted, and has a few simple rules:

1. Respond to my post in order to be the next in line to read the book.
2. I will mail the book to you.
3. Read the book.
4. After reading the book, create a post in your blog and find out who wants to be next in line to read the book.
5. Ship the book to the next blogger.
6. You must take a picture of yourself with the book.
7. Write a small comment of what you think of the book in it.
8. Ship the book to the next blogger.
9. Lastly, you must use any form of human power (i.e, walk, run, skateboarding, bike) in order to take the book to the post office. Exception: If you live very far to the Post Office, use car.

I will run the book to the post office which is conveniently only about a mile away. I really enjoyed the book, it made me cry, it made me laugh. Dean is such an amazing person, definitely physically but he came across as a very down to earth runner in his book having normal self doubt about finishing his adventure. I felt close to him while reading the book. Lots of great tips on running and nutrition throughout too.

I read most of it while cycling on the trainer so it's only appropriate to have a picture while doing that! Very small space for me in the garage but it's kinda cozy at the same time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Training is going well but I've been asked if my foot hurts... no it does not hurt BUT it doesn't feel quite right... sigh... is that a BIG problem?? It is really tight and it goes up my calf too, so I am stretching a lot and massaging too...

Otherwise it's been a great week. Nutrition is back to a normal level and I lost a couple of pounds this week.

Here's last week in Review
Monday: 40 mins run with my Dad

Tuesday: Bike speed session . Same as last week but a lot easier so I am ready to ramp-up the 'speed intervals this week.

10 mins warm-up
10 mins speed session (30 sec hard/30 sec easy)
10 mins cool down

Wednesday: We got hit with 30 cm/12 inches of snow. My parents left for a trip so I was in charge of all the shoveling by myself.... 2h30 of shoveling later I was too exhausted to run!

Thursday: 2h of shoveling, 25 mins run on the treadmill and I wanted to die the whole time (shoes were great though!). Finished it off with a long strenght training... I was sore from shoveling so this wasn't my smartest idea LOL

Friday: 1h shoveling (and totally done!)

Saturday: Long ride on the trainer; riding easy for 55 mins then 15-30 sec pick up climbing out
of the saddle (hard!)

Today: 'Long' run well if you can call 3 miles like that which was totally AWESOME!

Most of the streets where plowed and I wanted to test how fast I could go, still comfortably hard.

Mile 1: 11:27 min/mile
Mile 2: 11:34 min/mile
Mile 3: 11:26 min/mile

I am so very happy with this run. =) I was afraid I didn't have it in me cause I am running with my Dad often and the pace is really slow (for me, not for him). I want to run 12 min/mile at ATB so better get started. I did a 20 mins cool down on the trainer when I came back home. I'm really liking the indoor trainer.

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I started my new training schedule 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping the amount of cross training will keep me away from more injuries....

Everything is going well so far. The runs are great but my foot/ankle is sore the day after I run. I am doing tons of stretching exercices and using Icy/Hot to massage it. So far so good. I don't think I could up the runs to 3 times a week right now....

I am still on the quest for the perfect shoe.. after spending 1h and trying about 10 pair of shoes I ended up buying the most expensive ones at the Running Room... The Brooks Trance 8 that I paid a big fortune: 225$ CDN, they better be worth it! I tried them last and they fit perfectly, tomorrow will be my first run with them. I'm hoping not to lose any toenails with those.. the Asics were a killer for me.

I am starting my new job next week!! I decide to take a chance on the City of Montreal one. I am super excited and pumped! In the meantime I am enjoying these last few days of freedom =)

Have a good week everyone!