Monday, January 29, 2007


Now, that I have so much free time on my hands, I've decided to register for the Forest City Marathon in May. I think this will be the best way to focus my energy while going through this break-up. All these emotions can keep going towards something positive like running =) YAY! I am very excited to run another marathon!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


When my brother offered me to pay part of my train ticket to Montreal and spend some time with my family there, I couldn't refuse... I thought it would cheer me up a little considering the circumstances. I decided on Wednesday morning to leave and I was gone with the first train on Thursday. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on "things"... not sure if there is still anything to reflect on but the running has been good. I missed speedwork on Wednesday but I ran Thursday (3 mi.), Friday (4 mi pace) and Saturday (9 mi.). I'm overall very happy with my runs as I braved the -30 oC cold to do them. I wasn't expecting the chaffing from my neck warmer so I'm stuck with this red patch on my neck... looks like I've been beaten up! Oh well, that will be gone very soon anyway.

Happy Running everyone

Monday, January 22, 2007


8 mile to think about a relationship that might be broken is not that long. I think I would have needed another 8 mile to get some answers and see clear in this. Well, 1h27 later, I was home, wet and cold and still unsure what to do with my problem. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I am back full force now! Speedwork on Wednesday, 40 mins at 9:40 min/mile. A nice 3 miler at recovery pace on Thursday, a well deserve break on Friday and another 3 miler on today but at pace (9:57 min/mile). We went to the Detroit Auto Show today and saw some nice cars, I guess I don't have much to say, but I finally signed on for the Chilly Half-marathon I've been training for since before Christmas. So, it's offficial now =)

Have a good running week-end all!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The bad thing is that I still have some remains of cough and chest congestion but the good thing is that I feel better enough to resume my training schedule (I'm at week 6 now). I missed 4 runs out of 5 last week which is not the end of the world but enough to worry me about improvement on my half-marathon time. The problem that I'm having right now is to do my easy and long runs slower. I'm always running at 10 min/mile except for the speedwork where I push to 9 min/mile..... I thought I'd figured out which were my optimal speed but now I'm not sure if this is right since I can do my long runs at 10 min/mile....

Speedwork = 9:00 min/mile
Tempo Runs = 9:30-9:40 min/mile
Pace Runs = 10 min/mile
Easy Runs = 11 min/mile
Long runs = 12 min/mile
I guess I'm that type of runner who just goes out there and run, trying to run at a certain pace appears to be really hard for me! I might be challenge!! =) Tomorrow is a 40 mins tempo run and I hope the weather will be as beautiful as it was today (even thought it was -11oC with windchill!).
Happy Running everyone it feels so good to be back at this!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


There has been no running for me since Tuesday's 4 miler. I caught a cold, a very nasty one, I don't sleep well, cough and blow my nose every 2 minutes. Not a pretty sight.... I'm getting worried about miss my week-end's long run so hopefully I'll be up on my feet for Sunday. This is quite a nasty cold, stay warm and I hope you won't get sick!

Happy running to those who can!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My legs are tired, they can't keep up... I ran 3 miles Saturday and Monday, 7 miles on Sunday and 3.5 miles on Tuesday. So today I was attempting run number 5 in 5 days and my legs didn't want to do it. I ended up cutting short on the speedwork, I ran only 4X 500m at 5K speed instead of 7 times. I ran 15 mins before so I think I gave a good effort so I'm not disappointed in myself !! I will only have to run 3 mile on Saturday with a 3 days break. This break will be great and just in time to give a tour of Montreal to my newfie =)

I went to see the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre yesterday and took the time to give a big hug to Youppi. For those of you who do not know him, he's the only mascot in the world to have represented 2 sports teams in major-national leagues. He was the old Expos's mascot and when they moved the team to the States poor old Youppi was jobless so they recycled him as the Montreal Canadiens mascot. They gave him a new red hairdo and he was ready to be a Montreal supporter! =)

I'll be away for a few days so I hope everyone has some good running time!

Monday, January 01, 2007


I hope all of you, my fellow runners, will have an awesome year in running and in everything in between (a.k.a as life!). In late 2005, I turned 25 years old on the 25th of October and everyone told me this was going to be my "lucky year". I wasn't totally convinced it would be but it was indeed, a great year. Since I spent most of this lucky year in 2006, I consider 2006 my lucky year! I worked really hard on myself to change my life, become a happy person and achieve things I had never dreamed of before..... in no particular order:

I lost 60 lbs
I ran a marathon
I ran a half-marathon, a 10K, a 8K and two 5K races
I made peace with myself
I am now a positive and happy person (most of the time!)
I found love =)
I hope you also had a great year and have some great things to look back on. I'm so happy I found the support of a great running family on blogger. Cheers to another great running year! (I think I used the word "great" a little too much in this last paragraph!)