Sunday, April 29, 2007


After having 2 awesome 20 milers I never thought I would say that but this 12 miler was painful!! I know why... and it's totally my own fault so I am sucking it up right now...
-I didn't drink my water
-I didn't carbload
-I didn't go to bed early
-I drank too much wine!!

- I slept in 'till 11!!
- I waited until midday to get out the door

It was 25oC and the sun was killing me, I was sweating big time, my contact lenses were burning.... I felt like I weighted 300 lbs not a fun sight... It was getting better around 6 miles when I turned around and the wind was in my face, so refreshing... Anyway, 12 miler in the book with an average pace of 11:34 min/mile.

On a happier note, I went to Point Pelee yesterday and I had a good walk with Rocky there. The point was covered with water though, we couldn't go very far, here is a picture of the pooch and I!
Have a good running week everyone!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Tomorrow morning I am driving my parents to the Detroit Airport, they are leaving for a 30 days cruise and will spend 10 days after that in Paris... ah retired life is so hard!!!

Since I will be in the states, I will stop at Dick's Sporting Goods trying to find a running skirt. I've heard they have good deals there =) I will also refill on body glide...

It was a good running week despite the rain. I pushed a bit hard on Wednesday... I should have stick to 10:20-30 min/mile... result I was very tired for my run tonight. I am helping moving my friend Flashy this Saturday, so I'll do my long run on Sunday, only 12 miles! I love taper!

This week's recap:
Tuesday 5 miles @ 10:45 min/mile
Wednesday 4 miles @ 9:55 min/mile (PACE)
Thursday 4 miles @ 10:51 min/mile

Monday, April 23, 2007


The weather was AWESOME (high 20's oC/ 80F), the 20 miler went great, even got a tan out of it! I finished a bit faster than the previous one, my pace was 11:14 min/mile instead of 11:31, the absence of snow and wind really helping with this! It went by very quickly nothing hurt at all, I just have to figure something out for the sweat in my eyes. The baseball cap is not preventing this and it is truly annoying to use my t-shirt sleeve! When I got back home, I had my usual cold bath but I was a bit stiff in the afternoon this time. At least it was all gone on Sunday! I even went for a 3h bike ride yesterday and stopped to read by the Detroit River.

It is now taper time and I sure am going to enjoy it!

Have a good running week everyone! =)

Friday, April 20, 2007


To tackle my second and last 20 miler of this marathon training schedule! I cannot believe this marks the end of the hard part of my training.... and taper will officially begin tomorrow night! =) I'm very excited to lower my mileage and spend more time walking the pooch, I feel I've cut short his walks so many times during this training.... hope he still loves me ;-)

I've talked to my chiropractor and I will get some new orthotics made up especially for running. My old ones were made for walking and they are very soft and don't seem to give me enough support while running.
Here is a picture that was taken at the finish line of last week's race. You can't see my face very well but there is a huge smile there! =)

This week's Recap:
Tuesday 5 miles @ 10:35 min/mile (PACE)
Wednesday 5 miles @ 11:42 min/mile
Thursday 4 miles @ 10:47 min/mile
Thanks for reading everyone and have a good week-end!

Monday, April 16, 2007


I think we're all pretty busy with life right now. Like Jelly and Laurel, I haven't had much time to blog lately! But it's not because I am not running! I raced a half-marathon on Sunday, Run for Retina, in London. And I had a blast there, I ran at LSD pace (ok a bit faster) but I was able to maintain a conversation with Jill for 11 miles!! She is a great racing partner from Running mania. We spoke back and forth in French and English, it was great! At mile 11, she started having some knee problems so I went on my own. Finished strong at 2:24:01. I cannot believe the difference between this half-marathon and my first one (2:23). I felt like this has become so easy for me =) and finish with the same time!

Running with someone who has exactly the same pace as you is so much fun! I didn't feel like she was holding me back and it was the same for her. Too bad she lives in Winnipeg!

Here is one picture before the start of the race, Jill on the left, me and Trixee.

Anyway, sorry for the short race report but I'm overwhelmed with schoolwork as I have a presentation on Thursday and I'm not done analysing my data! I gotta get back at it now!

Here's last week in review:
Tuesday 5 miles @ 11:09 min/mile
Wednesday 8 miles @ 11:42 min/mile (in pouring rain with 45 km/h wind!!)
Friday 5 miles @ 11:00 min/mile
Sunday 13.1 miles @ 10:45 min/mile at the Run for Retina Half-marathon

Have a great running week everyone!!! =)

Saturday, April 07, 2007




Rant is over now, it's good to get it off my chest... I ended up running 20 miles @ 11:31 min/mile pace. Where is my chocolate now?!?

Friday, April 06, 2007


My parents are in town for Easter and I am going to celebrate this by running 19 miles tomorrow (so I can eat as much chocolate as I want!) =) We went shopping in the states today and I got 2 new pairs of running shoes (NB and Saucony). I'm very excited to try them out. I didn't find any running skirts there which was my main goal... And I spent way too much money on other things... summer dress and sandals...

Here's last week in review:
Saturday 12 miles @ 11:09 min/mile

Tuesday 5 miles @ 10:23 min/mile (PACE)
Wednesday 5 miles @ 11:03 min/mile (45 km/h wind!!)
Thursday 5 miles @ 11:14 min/mile (35 km/h wind!!)

Happy Easter and have a great running week everyone! =)