Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's been 1 month + since I've checked in here. I feel like I can't keep up reading what others have to say anymore so I feel bad just posting and not replying to my blogger friends.

I've been cycling commuting for 2 months now, only missing a few days and I'm totally loving it! I'm doing 100-125 miles a week. The days I had to take the bus/subway were horrendous and I don't know what I will do come the fall when it gets cold... snowy and they close the cycling path. I'll probably be heading into a depression ;-)

I've lost 22 lbs and I feel great (only 15 to be back in marathon shape!). I remain pain free when running, I still have to pinch myself once in a while... It's so hard to believe!! I am not going crazy and will only run half-marathons in the fall and keep on with the stretching, icing and cross training. I'm up to 8 miles LSD and having a big grin in my face the whole time =)

Training for Niagara half starts at the beginning of August. In the meantime, I'm running a 5K race tomorrow to celebrate father's day with my Dad. Next week, I'm running 10K on the sea floor. And I've got one or two sprint triathlons in mind.

I had tae-box classes on Friday at lunchtime and I LOVE it. It's over for the summer but I've been thinking of registering somewhere since I loved it so much.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer, I'll try to be better ;-)