Monday, March 31, 2008


When I ran this race last year, I was at the top of my game... I knew this year would be a totally different story...

I'm not going to make this LSD-race report long. I had the chance to run with 2 friends, one for the first 15K, then 10K by myself (but still talking to strangers lol) and the last 4-5 K or so with another maniac friend. I took 2 Anacin during the race so that my plantar fasciitis wouldn't bother me, it was a wise choice as I didn't feel any pain or calf cramping. My legs were just overall fatigued from the rolling hills. Altough I said to myself I wouldn't be disappointed with my time, I kinda are, I finished 20 mins slower than last year.I guess they are also right about the rule that each pound adds 1 mins to your time... I am 20 lbs heavier this year!

This stays my favorite race, I love everything about it and the weather was fantastic this year... except for the 30-35 Km/h winds ;-)

Oh yeah I wanted to say that near the end of the race, I meet with a French speaking 72 years old man, who was finishing his 27th Around the Bay race and I found him really inspiring! =)

The stats

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today is the first day that I'm finally not sore. Wow that hadn't happen to me since last marathon training... maybe I'm pushing it a little! ;-)

Tuesday 3.1 miles @ 11:57 min/mile (with Flashy)
Wednesday 3.1 miles @ 10:52 min/mile (with Rocky)

I wasn't suppose to run today since I'm tapering but it was so gorgeous: 10°C and sunny that I didn't want to let this go. Also, a friend from who has cancer asked that we dedicate our run to her today so I wanted to do that for her.

I'm still suffering from plantar fascitis but its been less painful since I've been back to the chiropractor for 2 appts. I'm really hoping I won't have any issues on sunday. Anyhow, I'm running the 30K with 3 friends, taking it easy and not worrying with time! I'm sure its going to be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to it =)

Have a good rest of week! I'm only going to blog again for the race report on Monday!

Special Request

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I guess these things happen but when you're about to run 30K you'd prefer they would all be great!! Truthfully, I'm a little depressed.... so when I ran 13 miles last week @ 11:48 min/mile, it was hard but there was no way I wasn't finishing it.

Today was suppose to be 15-16 miles or 3h whichever would come first. I could feel I wasn't into it as soon as I started... bad news. I kept on trying but my mind wasn't into it. It was the slowest I've ever been 12+ min per miles almost the entire way and then around mile 11 my knee started to hurt (my calf was solid rock) and I had to walk several times (13+ and 14+ min per miles for the last 2 miles!). I felt like my legs were made of lead and didn't want to move forward.

So in the end, with lots of self pep-talk, I did 13.5 miles in 2h48 @ 12:29 min/mile. I'm not questionning my desire to run the 30K but I'm questionning my ability to do it (in a good time). The fact is, the training has been sporadic and sometime inexistant and I know I'm far away from last year's shape. I will not make it close to a time I'd like but I do think I could make it to the end line with some walking. Fortunately, I have friends who are willing to run it with me so I wouldn't be alone.

I'm going to get some A.R.T. done on my knee/calf tomorrow and see what my chiropractor says. I do not want to risk an injury for this race. I have a fall marathon to train for ;-)

Anyway, thanks for reading all my ramblings!!

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So...... I ran 13 miles today!! The birds were singing, the sun was shining, the snow was melting, yadi yadi yada until mile 9! Cardio was holding on but the legs were tired and heavy + my knee started to act up. But I finished in 2h33 @ 11:48 min/mile. Glad to be done but it looks like this 30K (18.64 miles!!) race coming up will be hard on my body! At least I'm running it with a friend....

Friday, March 14, 2008


I did the unthinkable.......... I submitted my thesis 24h in ADVANCE, yes you read right! While most people can't even submit theirs on time, I gave mine a day before! I was all done on Monday night at 7 P.M. =) And pretty proud as you can see! lol My committee has one week to review and accept it and then it will be sent to the external (from U. of Manitoba).

So, I've been on the "party" since then.... lots of beer! I feel like I am on vacation until the defense... which is far from the truth since I still have to study and submit my 4th article which will be derived from the last chapter of my thesis.
I tried very hard to get a picture of Rocky with a graduation hat but no treats could make him sit still with that thing on his head! So, here's the best shot....

I also ran 2 times this week (yeah!) and don't feel like I lost TOO much fitness (great!) so I'm still going to attempt running ATB 30K later this month. I have already decided that I will be running with a friend and taking it slow so no pressure to perform....

Tuesday 3 miles @ 11:39 min/mile
Thursday 4.5 miles @ 10:58 min/mile

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'm exhausted though, so just wanted to keep you guys in the loop... I've written 15 pages in 2 days, my brain is mush.... It's due Tuesday so until then, not much sleep will be had. This truly feels like a marathon journey!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


After a disastrous 2.6 miles run on Thursday (i.e. I had to stop in the middle to eat some snow... because my crazy coughing made my throat all dry) I decided not to run the Chilly Half this week-end... I'm disappointed, this is the first time I sign up for a race and Do Not Show up.... I know I took the right decision it is just hard to accept. Anyhow, there will be tons of races in my future and better get healthy before I do another half!

Good luck to Francis who is in California to (perharps?) BQ!

Have a good week-end everyone =)