Sunday, April 26, 2009


I know it's been 3 weeks since the Easter trip but I just got the pictures my friend took during the week-end! And Andra asked for a trip report =)

We were in Willoughby State Forest near Barton (VT) which is pretty small and not touristy at all. It was really peaceful and quiet, in fact we only saw 2 other hikers the whole time...

First day: Moose Mountain

We did not see anyone on the mountain that day and it probably was because the conditions were EXTREME. There was a snowstorm (-3°C/26F) with 30 mph wind... intense. We did not pack for winter conditions and it was up to 15°C the day before so it was a little unexpected. We were cold as soon as we started our hike! The trail was considered moderate but the first mile was all uphill with a climb of 900 ft. It was all snow and ice, good thing we had our grips on. We stopped twice, once for a snack but after 3 mins we couldn't feel our fingers and we were really cold. That's at that point that we noticed Rocky was shivering so I put him in his little carrier (YES I know how crazy it looks to carry your dog in a baby bag!!) but he really needed it. I even had to remove one my fleece and put it around him....

After 2h30 of pretty brutal conditions we made it to a lookout and got a great view of the moutains around even if it was a pretty dark day.

We tried to eat our lunch but it was too cold so we decided to make it back. I felt really heavy carrying Rocky and it was hard to move fast. The descent was quicker but it was hard for the knees and ankles. At this point, I removed Rocky from the bag and he made it down the mountain by himself. We were so happy to get back to the car and put the heat on!! We had the remaining of our lunch there. We felt pretty hardcore but needed a 2h nap to recover LOL
Total: 6.8 miles in 4h15

Second Day: Pigsah Mountain
There is a God somewhere because our 2nd day was totally gorgeous. A little warmer 5°C/41F without a crazy wind. It was still cold but we were able to eat our lunch at the lookout point without shivering to death =) The trail was harder but still considered moderate by the map, we hiked 1200 ft. in 1.1 miles. The view from the top and onto Clear Lake was spectacular!! Rocky did really well in the warmer weather he was able to do it all by himself =) Very proud of my little Guy!!
Total 4.2 miles in 3h
Random news:
1- I am seeing a new physiotherapist and she says I don't have PF anymore but achille tendonitis. The treatment is cold laser, stretching, ice ice ice, exercices and no running for 2 weeks. I'm actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I've spent the last year being told there was 'nothing' where I had pain and now the physio has given me hope again!!! =)
2- I raced a 5K last week at the Montreal 21K. It was close to a PW (32:56) but I had a little 'surprise' at the starting line.... aka as my EX who showed up at the race.... messed up my game!
3- I'm starting to commute by bike on Tuesday (I'm off tomorrow) it's going to be a daily 50K ride.... I should be back in top shape for the summer! I'm excited and hoping to finally be able to shed the 30lbs I put on since my running has decreased dramatically.
That's it for me! Thanks for reading and I'm hoping to catch up with all of you tomorrow!
4- I went hiking yesterday again!! We went to Mont Sutton here in Quebec and we did about 4 miles in 4h so yeah it was steep!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Probably white right now though =)
Have a fabulous long week-end!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Seems the surgery recovery is a little bit longer than the doctor led me to believe when I first saw him....


My mind will go crazy but the foot will appreciate it. My hiking trip next week is not compromised as long as we keep a walking pace and don't push it. I will also be able to start biking after Easter.

I'm having my sutures removed on Wednesday, right now it's not painful but I'm pretty uncomfortable. This is no mystery plastic surgery, I had 2 moles removed from my back and will know in about a month if they are benign. It was strongly suggested I have them removed since skin cancer runs in my family but the dermatologist do not think they are malign. So, I'm positive about this.

Hiking trip is in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I took Monday off and my legs weren't that sore, it was quite surprising =) Foot is feeling medium so I am going to take advantage of my job insurance (yippee!) and try a new physiotherapist for cold laser on my PF.

Tuesday: 1K lane swimming in 21 mins

Wednesday: 1h25 on the bike
30 mins easy
20 mins 30s out of saddle every 2 mins
20 mins 30s hard every 2 mins
10 mins 30s out of saddle every 2 mins
5 mins cool down

Thursday: 3 mile run, beautiful 15°C and sunny. I LOVE SPRING!!
Mile 1 @ 12:12 min/mile (with Dad until 0.62 mile)
Mile 2 @ 10:57 min/mile
Mile 3 @ 10:34 min/mile

Near 2.5 mile a little boy about 8 years old was trying (and succeeding) at out running me. He was doing 9:30 min/mile pace!!! I was getting quite annoyed.... I mean its one thing to outrun me but he was turning to see if I was still following and giving me a big smile while I was huffing and puffing.... great a kid can beat me LOL

On a positive note, my fall races are decided!!

I registered for this half yesterday, going to visit Laurel and Flyers26
And I'm waiting to register for this one since I'm hopeful I could fix the stupid foot and run the marathon on my birthday!!! Crossing the bridge plays a big role on my desire to run the full too... But if it's not meant to be than I'll be happy to run the half =)
I'm getting some minor surgery tomorrow so will have to take it easy over the week-end.
Happy running to those who can!