Thursday, November 27, 2008


We suck at this!!!!!!!!!

We are not able to remove my chain to clean it, even though I know where the master thingy is.

My Dad replaced the tire with an old one but we can't inflate the tube because he pierced it.


Nothing is working, this bike thing is so freakin' complicated!

Running = pair of shoes, good bra and go!!!

My bad mood was set after a horrendous interview process, the bike issues did not help. I'm off to Ste-Luce-Sur-Mer at my brother's. I'm sure seeing my niece will cheer me up.

Have a good week-end everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I miss the intensity that running has. I miss running as fast as you can and stopping out of breath. I miss coming back from a long run in the cold with ice on my hat. I miss training for marathons. I miss the runner's high.

I've been doing a lot of cross training but it does nothing for me. I am becoming faster in the pool but still don't feel like it is a big deal. I bought a new kick ass bike and I am often thinking about accidents and deaths while riding it... LOL Fast bike = crashes in my head.

I've been doing my best to be PATIENT, and be CONTENT that I don't have cancer or another illness. But somedays it is just not making me feel any better.

I've got a plan... not sure it will work but I am going to do it anyway. Santa came early this year and I just received the Christmas gift from my folks.

The plan is to find a marathon training plan that has runs in minutes. And to follow this plan but on the bike. I am hoping that an increase in training volume will help me fight the runner's blues and lose some weight ( which I desperately need to!) What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

PS. send some good vibes my way tomorrow afternoon, I have an interview for a chemist position at the City of Montreal!

ETA: Strength training is kicking my ass. I took Laurel's advice to just stick with it... I did it Sunday and yesterday and I AM SORE. I'd love to get ideas of what others do, so I can alternate exercices. This is what I did:

3 sets of 20 reps 1 min in between sets

  1. Squats
  2. Standing bent-arm lat with elastic band
  3. Step-up
  4. Calf raises
  5. Push-ups
  6. Seated Row
  7. Squats with elastic band
  8. Abdominal with twist
  9. Bicep curl with elastic band
  10. Outer thigh exercise with elastic band
  11. Inner thigh exercise with elastic band

Sunday, November 23, 2008

And I predict my favorite team will win too!! ;-) If you're not Canadian than you have no idea what I am talking about! The CFL is the same as the NFL but A LOT smaller. The Grey Cup is our Super Bowl.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The =( and the =)


No running for another 2 months...... ='(

well I can try 10-15 mins once a week near the end of the 2 months to see how i feel... f'ing hell!!!

It can take 6-9 months to get a bone scan appointment and since I don't have insurance I can't go to a private clinic as it would cost 600$+ ...



The doctor thinks it is healing properly and just needs time.

She doesn't think the bone scan will reveal anything.

So yeah good and bad but I still can't run.

So, I am going to invest in a bike trainer sooner than later. My little stationnary bike is a pain in the ass, I cannot control much of the resistance on it anymore. It starts to makes a screeching noise after 1h even without putting resistance. Sucks ass!

Oh well, keep on trucking eh?

Have a good week-end!

PS. May the wind be at your back tomorrow Laurel! I will be rooting for you at the Philly marathon (and hopefully track you too!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


What can I say, I'm a follower.... =)

The game is to go to the fourth folder on your computer and pick the fourth picture. Here's mine:

The folder it is coming from has 12 pictures with each month's name as the title for a Christmas gift I am preparing for my Dad.... so hopefully he's not reading this post and has no clue I am giving him a personalised calendar for Christmas LOL

This picture is for February with my brother Yannik and his GF holding some of my favorites stuffed animals (the weird looking duckies... which I have a small collection BTW...). Anyway, this picture was taken at Easter 2005 when my family came to Windsor for a quick visit. It was pretty crowded in my small 1BR apartment but we had a lot of fun. And we like to take silly pics like that =)

I hope that the people who haven't played yet will!

Have a good week-end everybody!

p-s I went to the pool and the cute Guy was there again, pushed me to my best time for 1.25K swim in 27 mins!! =) Thanks cute Guy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm repeating myself but I MISS RUNNING!!!!!! A WHOLE F'ING LOT!!!!

So, it has been a month since I got my 2nd cortisone injection. The radiologist told me that I could start running after a month of down time but my foot does not feel fine =( At all..... and instead of pushing through the pain (like I used to do...) I will wait to run and go see the doctor at the clinic AGAIN.

I will do it tomorrow as I had to wait for my fellowship documents to be sent. The radiologist who did my cortisone injection has supposedly sent a reference to "my doctor" (no really my Dr. but the emergency on staff person) saying I need a bone scan. I also want to be directed to a orthopedist or some other specialist of the foot (but not a podiatrist) since they are not considered regular doctors in our health systems. Anyway, not running sucks and I hate it.

I've been doing REAL good with my cross training sticking to the schedule but I just find million of reasons not to do the strenght training. Not sure why I dislike it that much... but it is painfully hard to get motivated on Sundays.... so I missed last 2 Sundays LOL
Date Duration Distance Type Where
Nov-18 00:24:00 1.00 Swim Piscine Roussin Swim
Nov-17 00:27:34 10.00 Bike Stationary Bike
Nov-14 01:07:01 25.26 Bike Long ride to Parc Pointe-aux-
Nov-13 00:30:00 1.15 Swim Piscine Roussin Swim
Nov-12 00:28:18 10.25 Bike Last ride with Bijou outside... =(
Nov-11 00:24:00 1.00 Swim Piscine Roussin Swim
Nov-8 00:23:36 10.00 Bike Stationary Bike
Oh well, I'm happy to get exercice on regular basis anyway. I also didn't train today but I think I am coming down with something so this is my reason ;-)
Have a good week everyone!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Forget that job interview... it wasn'T a job that interested me..... BUT BUT


I are moving to Ottawa in 2009!!!

The start date will be February or April.

I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI Fellowship = a job that is paid a lot less than a real job ;-) But it is my first step in the government and I will take it!!

I swear I will do a training report soon, I've been a good girl... following my schedule ;-)

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have a JOB INTERVIEW TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I've also got some interest from 2 other parties... things are moving in the right direction for me... finally =)

Hopefully, it goes as well as for this woman.... LOL

Rule 1: no cleavage showing...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This is my new training plan (since running is out of the schedule still):

Mon/Wed/Fri = Bike days (between 30 mins and 1h)
Tues/Thur = Swim days
Sunday = Strength training

It's been totally gorgeous here for the past 3 days! I had to take advantage of it, so I took Bijou out of her hibernation for a ride today, 31 miles in 2h23. A little slower than last August (2h18) but the wind was a killer coming back. I was planning to do 1h but the weather was so awesome that I kept going for just 1 more mile LOL

Yesterday, I went to the pool and did 2K in 47 mins. My fastest time so far... that cute guy I was chasing definitely motivated me ;-) On Sunday, I did some strenght training... which was the first time in about 6 months LOL I'm on my way to recovery folks! I just need to be patient and not miss running too much (which I do... so much...)

On another note, my Dad and I were watching the US election night yesterday and we were so happy that Obama won so easily (I thought it would be much closer!). I cried a little, I am not black or anything but it gives me hope for the future. That racism will be over someday, maybe I am naive... but anyone can dream.... right?

Have a good running week everybody! Run for me!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Rocky was a total hit with the kids yesterday! Most of the little kids were more interested in him than candy LOL And we were giving good stuff not crappy halloween candy! ;-) I decided at the last minute to dress as a witch, no big make-up or nothing but Rocky and I were matching.

We had decorated and I brought the laptop outside to have some 'hauted house' type music. We had like 100 mini chocolate bars and 60 rocktets necklase. WE WERE READY. Well my Dad, Rocky and I were outside from 6-8 PM and we only had 20 kids come to our house =( IT WAS A LONG AND BORING WAIT! And I obviously ate way too much candy while waiting for the kids...

As far as training I am back full force, except for the running part. Here's last week in review:
Tuesday -Swim: 1K in 25 mins
Thursday -Swim: 1.1.5K in 36 mins
Saturday -Bike: 20K in 46 mins