Friday, March 30, 2007


I am feeling physically, intellectually and emotionally very tired. I had a big week at work in the lab everyday, and althought I wasn't that sore after ATB, standing all day took a toll on me. I hadn't much time to recover from the race as I took only Monday off and resumed my training schedule on Tuesday.
Here's this week in review:
Tuesday 5 miles @ 11:23 min/mile
Wednesday 8 miles @ 10:31 min/mile (PACE)
Thursday 5 miles @ 11:09 min/mile

The last 2 runs were very hard, I was running on the waterfront and there was a lot of wind. I felt like I was fighting with the wind more than running. I was tageting 10:20 for my pace run but I was not able to maintain it. I believe it's a mix of the evil wind and being tired. I actually had to nap for a hour before Thursday's run!

I'm happy this is a step back week, I'm only doing 12 miles tomorrow and that will feel like nothing after last week's 19!! =)

Here are some pictures from ATB.
Before the race with Tim (tdiller on RM)

During the race, look at the swing of my hair!! I almost didn't recognize myself! I think it's a great picture!

I really like the finish line one.
As you can see my gun time was 3:25:32


Fran said...

Nice form! BTW, I still haven't decided if I'm doing Forest City or mississauga yet.

Running by.... said...

Congrats! Negative splits on a 30k. Now that's freaking impressive! I love the metal too!