Friday, April 06, 2007


My parents are in town for Easter and I am going to celebrate this by running 19 miles tomorrow (so I can eat as much chocolate as I want!) =) We went shopping in the states today and I got 2 new pairs of running shoes (NB and Saucony). I'm very excited to try them out. I didn't find any running skirts there which was my main goal... And I spent way too much money on other things... summer dress and sandals...

Here's last week in review:
Saturday 12 miles @ 11:09 min/mile

Tuesday 5 miles @ 10:23 min/mile (PACE)
Wednesday 5 miles @ 11:03 min/mile (45 km/h wind!!)
Thursday 5 miles @ 11:14 min/mile (35 km/h wind!!)

Happy Easter and have a great running week everyone! =)


The Cat said...

Spoil yourself with chocolate. You deserve it.

yumke said...

Happy easter.. 19 miler .. oh my lord that'll be a long one.. again, you're doing great this winter/spring!

Running by.... said...

Very cute dress! Yes, Easter is the time for Chocolate...and I'm stocked up! Enjoy your new running shoes...there is nothing better!

Fran said...

Happy Easter! Unfortunately it looks like you won't be able to wear your new summer clothes for at least a little while longer. Good luck with the 19 miles.

Kristi said...

Check the tennis section of your local sporting goods skirts and running skirts are essentially the same thing. The tennis skirts are sometimes cheaper too I've found.