Monday, April 23, 2007


The weather was AWESOME (high 20's oC/ 80F), the 20 miler went great, even got a tan out of it! I finished a bit faster than the previous one, my pace was 11:14 min/mile instead of 11:31, the absence of snow and wind really helping with this! It went by very quickly nothing hurt at all, I just have to figure something out for the sweat in my eyes. The baseball cap is not preventing this and it is truly annoying to use my t-shirt sleeve! When I got back home, I had my usual cold bath but I was a bit stiff in the afternoon this time. At least it was all gone on Sunday! I even went for a 3h bike ride yesterday and stopped to read by the Detroit River.

It is now taper time and I sure am going to enjoy it!

Have a good running week everyone! =)


Laurel said...

Yay taper time!
That's wonderful that you're feeling so well after the long run. Sounds like you're doing great.

Fran said...

Does the hat have a terry cloth headband? Those usually work well for me.

Dori said...

I carry a kerchief or small towel on my water belt to wipe the sweat away. It looks dumb, though.

Stay sane during your taper and good luck with your marathon.