Thursday, April 26, 2007


Tomorrow morning I am driving my parents to the Detroit Airport, they are leaving for a 30 days cruise and will spend 10 days after that in Paris... ah retired life is so hard!!!

Since I will be in the states, I will stop at Dick's Sporting Goods trying to find a running skirt. I've heard they have good deals there =) I will also refill on body glide...

It was a good running week despite the rain. I pushed a bit hard on Wednesday... I should have stick to 10:20-30 min/mile... result I was very tired for my run tonight. I am helping moving my friend Flashy this Saturday, so I'll do my long run on Sunday, only 12 miles! I love taper!

This week's recap:
Tuesday 5 miles @ 10:45 min/mile
Wednesday 4 miles @ 9:55 min/mile (PACE)
Thursday 4 miles @ 10:51 min/mile


jellypepper said...

hey sonia,
good to see you're at the tail end of your training. taper is the best. (me, i've been on the, uh winter taper program.)

did you find that running skirt?

Sonia said...

hey jelly!
Thanks for stopping by! I know winter can be very though for training.... I didn't find my running skirt yet, I have another trip in the states planned for next week-end probably!!

Good luck on the 10K in 2 weeks!!!