Saturday, March 10, 2007


It was really grey and windy this morning and I wasn't too enthusiastic about the 17 miles run!! But by the time I ate breakfast and walked the pooch, the sun started to come out and it ended up being a GREAT run. I remember last summer when I tried the 15 and 16 milers I was ready to die at the end. Well, things have changed and I'm very happy about it! This almost seemed like an easy walk in the park! =) I ran 17 miles @ 11:23 min/mile pace which is right on target for my LSDs. I think I'm getting good at this whole training thing! =) When I got home, I went in a cold water bath for as long as I could take it (2 mins!). I felt so tired, I ate a banana and got some chocolate milk and went to bed.... 1h30 later I woke up soooo hungry.

The pics from the chilly half are up... not pretty, the fuel belt underneat the coat means I look like 30 lbs overweight.... oh well that's what you get for winter racing!! :D


Laurel said...

17 miles huh? I'll take your word for it ;) Actually, I'll be doing the same this summer, in the 90 degree Miami heat :(
I am originally from Cleveland and half of my mom's family is from Windsor. We used to go up there every few months when I was growing up. Actually, I was just up there in August.

Fran said...

Looking strong. It's good to see that you're training is paying off. I think you're more than capable of pulling off a 4:30 marathon.

Running by.... said...

Congrats on your 17. I really can't imagine running that long in the cold!

yumke said...

17 miles as easy.. nice work! food after the long run run food is always better tasting, isn't it?