Sunday, March 18, 2007


Spring has come and gone here! After our wonderful heat wave last week, the weather cool down just in time for the race. It was really chilly on Sunday morning!! And the race started 30 mins late, I was completely frozen after 5 minutes and even if I was cheering the kids at the dash and 1K, I could barely feel my feet by the beginning of the race!!! Once the gun went off (I didn't even heard it, just followed people who started running!), cold feet and hands didn't matter anymore!! I didn't want to stat too crazy, as this is my biggest issue with races. So, I tried a 8:20 min/mile pace which is a pace that I think I could have maintained if I had been running on fresh legs (I ran 11 miles the day before). When I realised the legs were not cooperating as much as I wanted, I just tried to keep my pace around 9 min/mile for the whole time. The race went by fast!! I had completely forgotten how short a 5K race is after running all these longer distances!! I did it in 27:33 which is a PR for me, improving my time by almost 2 minutes!!! My last 5K was on Canada Day with 29:29. The best thing about this: a sub 9 min/mile pace!!!! 8:52 min/mile is so sexy =) Also, I finally made out of the "Back of the pack", I'm not a proud "Middle of the pack" (12/24 in my AG)!! Yay, I'm so happy with my improvements this year so far!

I noticed Shelley's Ironman hat when she made the U-turn, she had been running right in front of me! =) I had a chance to talk to her after the race and it is very nice to meet a fellow blogger, especially someone who is such an inspiration to me! She never stops, has more energy than the energizer bunny!! I mean she is training for her 7th Ironman this year!!

Today was a rest day, tomorrow back to our normal running schedule (5 miles). Have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Sonia!

Toutes mes félicitations!
Ta détermination m'inspire. Lâche pas!

(l'ancienne collègue de papa Roger)

Laurel said...

Awesome time on your race! Congratulations!!

nickt said...

Great job with your PR.

It was definitely a cold one.

Michelle said...

Way to go with the PR!!! You are fast!!!!!!

Fran said...

Nice job with the sub 9 pace! Congratulations!