Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Now that the half-mary is behind me, I had to figure out what my marathon pace will be... According to the Equivalent time Calculator I could run a 4h33 marathon!! WOW that would just be amazing!! =) That's why I've decided to target 10:20-30 min/mile for my pace runs (compared to 10 min/mile for the half).

It's been a big week so far with the race on Sunday and having only Monday off I feel like I haven't stop at all!! Tuesday's run was very hard, I was still sore from the race and going up and down the stairs hurt! The good things is that weather has warmed up and we're looking at a GREAT week-end (8oC). Thank god because I will be running 17 miles on Saturday and I wasn't looking forward to it!!

Here's this week's recap:
Tuesday 4 miles @ 11:09 min/mile
Wednesday 7 miles @ 10:22 min/miles (PACE)
Thursday 4 miles @ 11:31 min/mile

Have a good week-end everyone! =)

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Shelley said...

hey Sonia..have you ever tried running at Malden park?? They have some great hills and some great trails there...not far from the Ambassador Bridge too...might be an option!!