Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sunrise is around 7h30 now! So late.... and I can't get myself up early enough when it's dark like that! I could only fit a 4 miler this morning at 10:47 min/mile pace. It felt good, I forgot to wear my knee strap and no pain... knocking on woods here! Body is holding on! YAY!

I stopped by the Running Factory today and bought myself a new full support compression runner's Bra from Champion which is chafe resistant. Almost to good too be true.. except the price: 69,99$. I hope it's worth all this money! Later on this issue after Saturday's 12 miler!

I also picked up some new gels which I'm really excited to try:
-GU gels: Lemon sublime, Tri-Berry and Orange burst
-Carb boom!: Strawberry-kiwi and apple-cinnamon
Can't wait to try some of these!

It was a big shopping day as I also ordered the shoe pouch from Road ID that Runnergirl was talking about. It can fit 4 gels (2 in each pockets on each running shoes!) and it should be here 1 week before marathon day. That will hold my gel for the marathon so no capris with pockets needed and I also took Arcaner suggestion and will start the marathon with a bottle in my hand to last me for the 1st water stations which might be crowded and just throw the bottle when empty! It's great to get all the ideas from other experienced runners!

Thanks a lot guys! And happy running! =)


runnergirl said...

I'm glad you like the shoe pouch idea. I love mine, and wear them for all of my long runs/races unless I wear my fuel belt! I always buy the GU brand of gel, so I know that fits perfectly in them. It works much better if you flip one of them around so that they aren't both facting the same direction, and you usually have to fold over the little tear off tabs at the top. It's a snug fit but each one holds 2 little GUs perfectly! I hope you like them when you get them!!

Sonia said...

Yeah I loved idea! Thanks for sharing =) and the tips too, I look forward to getting them now!