Sunday, September 03, 2006


Friday was a slacker day! Flashy and I decided to go for a long lunch at the Chinese restaurant and then skip the afternoon of work to enjoy the new released movie Beerfest. The choice of movie was my responsibility... let's just say it won't win any Oscars... but the perfect movie for a bunch of slackers on a weekday afternoon! Ok, so the movie was really stupid but you have this really intense need of beer after seeing it.... So we went to Moxies for dinner and the beer special was called Flight of Coronitas, which consist of 3 small size Coronas. Let just say that 4 flight of Coronitas later, we were certainly the most joyful and giggliest people in the restaurant....

All of this to say that my night of sleep wasn't the best but I was up on Saturday morning around 7:30 and left for my 12 miler for 8 A.M. I did mostly trails (9 out of 12) at Ojibway Park and Malden Park. I did feel a little dehydrated from my night of drinking. It was the first time I ran with my knee brace and I felt some resistance at first from it but in the end I really liked having it. I felt like my knee was stronger and more balanced. My knee was bothering me a little near the end, but nothing like the previous 2 long runs where I wanted to cry near the end as it hurt so much. This is going to be a big week (5m, 9m ,5m and 18m), I might skip one of the 5 miler and give some rest to my knee, but I will definitely try to run the 18 miler next Saturday.

Have a great running week everyone!


yumke said...

Looks like we had similar satuday .. beer followed by long runs. good luck next week and yes, i would say you could skip a run in favour of resting for the 18 miler.

Frankie said...

Kudos to you for enjoying a beer - or two, or three or...- the night before running. I can be such a wimp when it comes to drinking the night ahead of a run, especially a long run. Good to hear the knee brace helping out.