Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well there is now 17 days before marathon day!! I started week 16 by doing 8 miles on the elliptical at the gym this morning. Tomorrow will be my 5 miles run and Friday morning the 4 miler will become an 8 miles bike ride.... Still trying to rest my knee as much as possible!

I was really surprised by my short recovery time from the half. I confess that I could barely walk without a limp on Monday... but I took good care of my knee icing it for 15 mins every 2 hours. I also invested 65$ in an awesome leg massage and slept like a baby that night. =) When I woke up on Tuesday, knee was great and legs were not stiff anymore!

I was reading Jelly's blog about racing with or without a fuel belt during the marathon. I have been thinking about this since the half-marathon where I didn't have my fuel belt and it was great! No crazy bottle bouncing which drives me insane... But racing with 246 other people is totally different compared to the mass of people that will run the marathon. I still have to think about what is best. Might do like Jelly and invest in some capris with pockets...

Oh and before I forgot, I was happy to see that I finished 9 (out of 10 but still NOT LAST!) in my age group including all the Races from the Running Factory.

Happy Running week all! =)


Papa Roger said...

Salut Sonia félécitations pour ta rapide récupération une preuve irréfutable de ton excellente condition physique. Très belles photos Monique et moi t'encourageons à continuer garde le focus TO


Sonia said...

Coucou Papa!!!

T'es trop cute! Merci d'avoir laissé un message!! =) J'ai vraiment hâte a Toronto là!!! 15 jours!!! ayayaye!