Monday, September 25, 2006


Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny and *windy* day at Point-Pelee National Park! I ran my first half-marathon in 2:23:07!! I was pretty pleased with my time considering my knee problem which bothered me around mile 8. Oh well, I know I could have pushed more but this is not my goal race and the most important is that I finished on my 2 feet!!

The course was a little boring, it was pavement all the way and we were doing the same loop 3 times!! Before this race, I thought we would be running in trails (we are in a National Park afterall!) and enjoy the forest but it wasn't like that at all. The scenery was really redundant… I’m not sure this would be a race that I would do again. I’m sure there are tons of half-marathon course that are more exciting than this. Having that said the run itself was good: I was trying to pace myself at 10 minute/mile at the beginning, even going a little faster when I wasn’t watching my forerunner.

A mistake that I made is to forget my gel!! I was so sure I put it in my bag before leaving the house but it wasn’t… so by mile 8 my energy was down and no way to get it up! I guess you gotta learn the hard way, I will not forget this for T.O.! My second obstacle came right about the same time when my knee started acting funny, I had to stop 2 times to replace and tighten my knee strap which I know cost me some time but it was the first time I was running with it (the brace just didn't work for me). It was a really cloudy day and my Forerunner 201 lost satellite signal around mile 10 and that's when I realised that I rely on technology too much! I found it really hard to pace myself without it, I'm pretty sure I fall under 13 min/mile then... then I saw Mile 12 and started speeding up again! Passing some people along the way which made me feel good to have this push near the end. When I could see the finish line, I took my ipod away and I could hear my best friend Flashy and her boyfriend cheering me up which was the best motivation to sprint to the end! (Oh yeah, I wanted to add: I'm so jealous of all you guys that received medals!! We got nothing at the finish line!!)

Minutes after the race with Flashy, my number 1 fan!!! =)

I am strong! I can do this! Toronto Marathon here I come!


jellypepper said...

You did it! Way to go!
It's too bad the route wasn't through the trees, and there was no medal in the end, but you know, you came away with a lot of pride and confidence and that is something that won't go in a shoebox.

yumke said...

Congrats sonia! very happy you had a strong performance despite the knee.. rest it up and you'll be ready in three weeks.. enjoy the taper

Arcaner said...

Good to hear that your knee held up relatively well. Congrats on finshing your first half. Rest up well for Toronto!

Shelley said...

You'll have to come and do our Running From Cancer 1/2 Marathon next year in Tecumseh... I remember you from the 1/2 now..very cool!! Good luck on your marathon, can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your first half, and that's a great time! Good luck on your marathon. I'm sure you'll do awesome.

What do you mean no medal? You got robbed! I can't believe they didn't give a medal! Those things are like a badge of honor.

Sonia said...

Thanks guys!!! I was so proud of myself at the finish line! =) Almost cried! Damn hormones!!

Thanks for the support!