Monday, October 02, 2006


I just made up my mind on what I'm going to wear for the "Big Day" as I like to call it! I HAD to go with my favorite color: PURPLE! So, people look out for the crazy purple girl running in Toronto! =) I did limit myself and didn't go for purple capris.... I thought that was pushing it a little too much!

As for running, I was up and ready for my 12 miler on Saturday but the weather had to come in my way... rain is not my friend as I don't want to catch a cold with 2 weeks before the Big Day. So, I went to the gym, stayed for an hour (even though the limit is 30 mins!) on the treadmill and ran 5.8 miles. I was pretty pleased with my pace doing 9:40 min/mile for the last mile! Yay for negative splits! Bra hold on great, I was pretty amazed, so it was worth 70$ =) I did the remaining 6 miles on the bike and went for an hour of aquafitness...

Tomorrow's a 6 miler and I have to fit it before work as I have something plan for the night.... I hate running in the dark... might go to the gym... oh and I've already selected a post-marathon activity to keep me fit and busy: spinning 2 classes a week! I'm excited!

Happe running everyone!


jellypepper said...

cute outfit! nothing motivates like showing off new clothes!

Arcaner said...

You can't be too careful about getting sick this close to race day. Nice outfit.

Marty said...

Awesome outfit and colors:) I beg to differ regarding the purple capris! It's your 1st marathon:) Go for it! Stay healthy and have a great race:)

Hot and humid in Texas:)


Sonia said...

Thanks guys!

I tried the outfit on Tuesday and it works well! The only thing I might change is the non sleeve top... when my face gets all sweaty I like to wipe it with the t-shirt.... impossible with the no sleeve... we'll see =)