Monday, October 23, 2006


It's been 8 days after the marathon and I couldn't wait anymore to go back on the road and run some more! The weather was nice and cold and I ran 3 miles at a 10:25 min/mile pace. I was really happy to reunite with this running business, it always allows me to think and re-energized which is almost a spiritual experience itself! I think I have find a running buddy!! =) My newfie wants to join me once in while on my short runs! That would be awesome!

To finish, I would like to say a BIG Congrats to all the Chicago marathoners! Yumke who did freakin' great on his first marathon, Arcaner who PR'ed (yay!) and Jelly and Frankie who I'm sure did awesome too =) Take it easy this week guys, you deserve it!!!

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yumke said...

Thanks for your support... now it's time to rest up until my running days begin again..