Saturday, January 19, 2008


The stomach bug finally got away, I stopped the intense vitamins mix I was on and tried to lower my stress level. All of this combined was not good for my health!! But I had a good running week:

Tuesday 4 miles @ 11:25 min/mile
Thursday 3 miles @ 11:18 min/mile
Saturday 8 miles @ 11:38 min/mile

I had an interesting run on Thursday.... I am dog-sitting a 80 lbs golden retriver/husky for a friend. I didn't want to miss my run so I decided to try and run with both dogs with Rocky attached on my waist while I hold the other leash. I made my way to our Riverfront path as I decided it wouldn't be the best idea to run in the middle of the streets with 100 lbs of dogs! Fritz is the sweetest dog ever but he's also very nervous...he had diarrhea all over is bum-fur and I realised I had poppy-bags who had defects (meaning it wasn't a bag but a sheet of plastic!!) GRRR I was fuming. I decided that I would take care of "that" after the run and tried to get in a better mood... right then a pigeon shitted on my head! Seriously?! Does life get any better? I think not! At that point, I wanted to forget about the run, thought I had enough of this madness but we were at the beginning of the trail and I wanted to see if I could run with both dogs. The answer is yes, and it was a great run! Rocky was going faster to keep up with his buddy (male are so competitive!) and never pulled me from one side to the other like he usually do. =)
Today's run was insanely cold, we usually never get weather like that here, it was -20 with windchill, WTH is going on!! I kept thinking: "6 days and you're in Miami, 6 days and you're in Miami, ON THE BEACH!"

Happy running everyone!


yumke said...

That's crazy running adventures. Good job on the 8 miler and you'll love miami! how long you staying there?

Marcy said... talk about a poopy day LOL

Glad you're feeling better though :D

Fran said...

Good to see your feeling better! Looks like you're heading south at just the right time.

Michelle said...

OMg, Sonia, I seriously almost giggle-peed reading this post!! I don't think I could have turned such a bad situation into such a great run!! Really, you totally rock for that!

Marky Mark said...

Great job and enjoy Miami!

P.O.M. said...

Good luck on your half next week and enjoy the warm weather!!

Laurel said...

Wow, you really had a sh%tty run, huh?
Get ready for sun and warm temps! It's going to be in the 70's-80's this weekend!

I will email you in the next day or two before you leave. I need to figure out when J wants to go to the expo, but I am pretty sure we will be there on Saturday morning-ish. I will let you know where our tent will be set up at the race too.

Sonia said...

I've had more than enough poppy days for a while now! Lol