Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Miami uh uh
South beach bringin the heat uh

Haha can yall feel that

Can yall feel that

Jig it out uh"

The race started with this song by Will Smith (Miami) with 10 400 runners jigging to it the atmosphere was pretty wild!! I was going into this race just wishing to have fun and not look at the time... ya right the competitive person I am won and I decided to try for even splits of 10:30 min/mile for the whole half.

As Laurel said in her last post, once you've done a marathon you kinda lose respect for the half or at least think this distance is not important considering you've doubled it and not died! So, I wasn't very nervous heading into the race, as I said many times to my mom: "It's only a half!" and she replied that it was still a big achievement nonetheless. I think she was right and I got a little emotional once I heard the gun start, I was happy to be able to run a half. That is something most of mortals won't do in their life and this was my 6th half-marathon =) I wasn't sure if my ankle would hold up but I didn't have any issues with it. It took me 7 mins to cross the starting line, there was definitely more runners than for Detroit.

Before the race with my parents:

The race was pretty much effortless until mile 9. I hadn't done a race at that pace in ages... like months! But I thought I could hold on to that pace for 13.1 miles?! What the heck was wrong with me? lol

I got new shoes over Christmas and should have updates my socks at the same time, they are solely responsible for my blisters (all on my bigger foot). I had to repeat and repeat to myself when it got hard that it was mental and not physical (even though I barely believed it!). I slowed down a little but tried to pick it up as soon as I noticed a slow down. In the end, I am pretty proud of the way I raced considering the training involved before this race.

I loved the race course, it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! The first part running up the road near Biscane Bay with the Palm trees and we could hear the parrots in the trees were simply awesome. I thought it was kinda surreal with the helicopter from Homeland Security too. Once we were arrived in South beach the crowd support was fantastic and really pumped me up (might explain that 10:18 min/mile!). I just truly enjoyed this race, the weather, the crowd both on and off course and would definitely do it again. I know we got "lucky" since it was a cooler day and it barely rained for the half but I think I would have still loved it even if it had been warmer or raining (as crazy as last year's sounded with what Laurel told me!). Racing to the finish was frustrating and very motivating at the same time. You can hear the crowd and you think you're close but there are a lot of turns and I was giving a lot of speed and finally ran out for the final stretch!! My parents said it looked like I was having a hard time near the end and it was close to the truth!! But when I heard them shouting my name and waving big: "Go Sonia signs". I waved back and went for it!! =) What a boost seeing your family can do for you.

I was so touched to read her blog when I got back home. I think she put in words way better than I could do how our meeting went. It was definitely like meeting an old friend and we had a lot to say to each other. I was disappointed not to have more time and sit down for a drink. For sure next time =)

The facts:

13.1 miles in 2:21:44
Mile 1: 10:57 min/mile
Mile 2: 10:37 min/mile
Mile 3: 10:36 min/mile
Mile 4: 10:35 min/mile
Mile 5: 10:18 min/mile
Mile 6: 10:40 min/mile
Mile 7: 10:28 min/mile
Mile 8: 10:34 min/mile
Mile 9: 10:55 min/mile (Getting tired and blistered!)
Mile 10: 11:00 min/mile (only mile at 11 min!)11 min
Mile 11: 10:59 min/mile
Mile 12: 10:59 min/mile
Mile 13: 10:18 min/mile (pushing it hard! Crowd support and seeing my parents helped!)
0.24: 10:35 min/mile

The Best way to end the day: AT THE BEACH WITH MY DAD!!!


yumke said...

Great race report! You loved Miami eh? I could use more of that warm weather right about now. Great job -- i've learned to respect the half.

Marcy said...

Wow!!! 6th HM?!?! That is AWESOME!! You're sooooo stinkin cute with your parents. It's always wonderful when you can have a super supportive fam. How awesome to have your own little cheering crowd ;D ;D Great race chica! Great race!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job, Chica! Now just think what you could do if you trained????

Runner Leana said...

Congratulations on your race! It sounds like a blast and those blogger meet ups are always fun. Hope those blisters are feeling better!

I saw that you have the Montreal Half on your wish list for this year. Have you thought about running QC in August at all?

Fran said...

great report! Nice even splits, even with the bit of a slow down at the end. I envy all you people being able to wear t's and shorts outside!

David Rodriguez Roures said...

Congratulations on him race, has run well, and others considering that where you live is very cold and suddenly bear heat that the body also note, imagine what you may have gone from wonder, with so many people running never go alone.
I am glad that the ankle did not give any problems and allow you finish well average, ah, and you are right when you run a marathon you think the average easy, a greeting.

Michelle said...

Great job, Sonia!! Love all the pics! You're so cute!!!! :-)

I am envious of you at that nice, warm beach. All our beaches here are COLD!!!!!

Sonia said...

thanks everyone, running a half is pretty demanding! I swear I will not say "its only a half" ever agian! lol

I just wish I was still in Miami enjoying the sun!

Laurel: why would you ever want to move out of this paradise?!