Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It was a first for me, to race in my hometown! And what a great day for it =) It started snowing the day before and it hadn't stopped until the race. It was a very informal race with 30-50 people only. I was kind of surprised considering the high turn-out in Toronto and Ottawa.

We started at 11 AM on January 1st and I was still feeling heavy from all the food I ate the previous night (and wine I drank ;-)). My personal chauffeur and photographer (Papa) drove me to the race and my mom was there as a cheerleader (with a bad back!)!

I really like the French sign (Coin des Coureurs in that one!)
I meet up with Arthur, a Runningmaniac friend, just before the race started and we ran together talking the whole way through. It was a nice run, it was snowing and very peaceful. The best part was when a drunken guy encouraged us from a moving bus, obviously still on the party at 11AM! We finished in 35:35, my dad made a video but I realised I didn't copy all of this on a memory stick so its on my Dad's computer!

That's the best way to start the year!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, I wasn't drunk! I was cheering...Glad to hear you're running, isn't it fun? Bring on Miami.

David Rodriguez Roures said...

Di that if there is no better way to start the year running and other animandote your family, a greeting.

Marcy said...

OMG it looks so cold! LOL, like I should talk, right? ;-)

What a fabulous way to start the year chica! ;D

Sonia said...

It looks cold because of the snow but it was pretty mild =)

Oh Marcy I forgot to tell you I was in the Adirondack for 2 days and when I saw the Albany sign it made me think of you!!

Ken: I'm sure you were still drunk at 11AM on Jan 1st so it could have been you lol

Laurel said...

Holy crap look at all that snow! You are going to go from one extreme to the other in your races :)

Great job on the race! It's so cute that your parents always come out for them. You are very lucky.

So, I think my shoes were around $90-$100. I don't really remember, but I also got a discount. I can give you directions to where I got them, but it may be a far drive for you depending on where you're staying. Where is your hotel? If you want to email it to me, let me know and I will shoot you my email address.

Noah said...

Hey great job. I was there too and have been looking for photos of the event. Looks like you have some... The Runningroom can't seem to identify the guy who was taking at the finish line. I'm looking for the shot of me and my buddy sprinting to the line. Any chance you got 'em? Email me nbloom followed by [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!