Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, apparently I can do speedwork with my dog and in a wind advisory too! =)

Mile 1 @ 11:28 min/mile (Warm-up)
Mile 2 @ 10:28 min/mile (Close to 10K pace)
Mile 3 @ 9:40 min/mile (Close to 5K pace)
Mile 4 @ 11:08 min/mile (Cool down)

I'm pretty happy with the 9' min per mile as it was done with the wind in my face, close to 40 km/h! Somehow I thought I would avoid the wind for the 2 fast miles but it was right in my face oh well... wind resistance is good!

Have a good night all!


Laurel said...

Great run!! :)

Michelle said...

Woo hoo!! Great job!!!!!

Marcy said...

Swwweeeeeettttt ;D ;D ;D

Sonia said...

No foot pain again tonight! I'm so happy! =) Thanks ladies!