Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am still plan less, as I haven't decided which one to go with, but I am running! I run pain-free but the aftermath is not pretty... I have to ice my foot all night and the next morning is associated with intense pain and walking like an old lady for 20 mins. After that, the pain "kinda" goes away... I have my 2nd treatment of ESWT tomorrow night and I am confident this will be taken care of in a timely manner...

Rocky joined me on all my runs this week!
Tuesday 3 miles @ 10:58 min/mile
Thursday 5 miles @ 10:56 min/mile
Saturday 11 miles @ 11:15 min/mile (4.5 miles with the Dude)

I am so happy the mileage is getting to a decent level, I am planning on finding a marathon plan ASAP. It probably won't be the FIRST plan, since I want to run with my dog and he wants to smell a lot so I have to pull him a lot in the right direction! Speedwork with him is something to forget, running with a 14 lbs resistance is hard! I just ordered a stability belt to run with your dog on ebay so I should get that early next week and that'll make my runs with him much easier. =)

I've been tagged by Ken and Laurel to share 5 facts about myself on my blog, some random, some weird.

The Rules of the game: Link to your tagger, and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.Tag 5 people at the end of your post by their names and links to their blogs. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.
FACT 1: I could live on a diet of chips, more chips and water =) Self control is not something that comes naturally to me! lol
FACT 2: I am not environmental friendly when it comes to kleenex... I must have some sort of nose issues because I use at least 20 kleenex per day! Let me tell you it's not pretty during my winter runs...
FACT 3: I've never taken a break from school, went from high school to cegep, then university with an undergrad in chemistry and a doctorate in environmental sciences. That's why I'll only be 27 and you will be able to call me Doctor! (Now I wish I enjoyed life a little more...)
FACT 4: I was voted Miss Analytical Chemistry the last year of my undergrad. Not it wasn't a pageant just voting for who was the most hardcore analytical chemist!
FACT 5: I refuse to use another bank than my bank to withdraw money. I know it'S only 2$ charges but it drives me insane to pay for nothing. So, I end up never carrying money on me and always paying credit... there is only 4 National Bank of Canada in Windsor!
Next up (yep I know how to count... but I tag 6 people!):


Marcy said...

Awesome news on the marathon front!!! How wonderful!!! ;D ;D

I can totally relate to number 1. I am the SAME way when it comes to pizza. I have it jsut about every day :-X

Marky Mark said...

Glad it's coming together!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Dr. Anal, now that’s scary! I’m glad that you’ve got your running groove back.

jellypepper said...

heh heh. okay i don't think i know 5 people in the blogosphere.. or at least know five people well enough to tag them. so since you have six, two of which i would've tagged, i'll do the honorable thing and consider myself your bonus tagged that goes nowhere. answer will be up on my blog shortly... lol

Sonia said...

Eh Dr. Anal is not a good diminutive for analytical!! lol

Jelly you're off the hook, we still want to know your weird things! lol

Laurel said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Hopefully the Miami Marathon will be a 26 mile adventure for you.

I hope you are used to the heat though. Its in the mid 80's again this week. Ugh!

Sonia said...

hahaha used to the heat? Well not really anymore. lol It's pretty cold here, we'll have snow soon. That will be a challenge for me!