Monday, June 25, 2007


Well sorry folks for not being the best blogger around.... with the marathon training over, I just don't have much of a structured training schedule right now. I ran only 2 times last week..... Wednesday (4 miles) and Sunday (7 miles) but I biked 20K again on Saturday. I can tell you that I feel pretty sore today!!

I'm going to race another 10K on Sunday, the HBC Canada Day Run. The weather is very humid here so I am not getting my hopes up on a personal best, you cannot PB at every race (although I'd love to do a sub 1h)!

A while back I was tagged by Michelle to post 6 weird facts about me.... so here we go:

1) I love perfume, I own at least 3 dozens bottles of them. I put perfume even before I go to bed.

2) Before I run, I love to eat my banana with maple syrup

3) My dad and I have been doing these unconventional Dad-Daughter activities together since I am a kid and we usually go fishing or see a hockey or a football game

4) I am not a girly girl but I will never leave the house without at least putting on some make-up

5) Before I go to bed, I have to check if my door is locked and the alarm is on, at least 3 times... sort of a compulsive thing

6) I talk to my dog in French and in English, there are commands he knows in French (assis, reste, viens ici) and other commands he knows in English (stop, let's go, NO!!, be nice, good boy)

Not sure its all "weird" but at least entertaining for you guys!! I'm hoping Yumke, Fran and Shelley will play along too! =)

Happy Running everyone!


Michelle said...

Yay, I'm glad you responded to my tag!! LOL!

I think that is so sweet about you and your dad doing things together. Very cool!!

And makeup...what's that?? LOL! I don't think I've worn any makeup in the past six months, at least.

yumke said...

Maple syrup and bananas.. sounds yummy.. let me think of 6 weird facts.. :)

Fran said...

I was thinking of doing the HBC run in Toronto, but decided not to. Hmmm. I"m going to have to think about 6 weird facts... Wouldn't want to reveal too much about my OCD behaviour!

Marcy said...

LOL, I guess you really DO love perfume!

Good luck on the race on Sunday! I hear you on the humidity. It's gross here too. YUCK!

laurel said...

I hear ya on the makeup sister. I like to think I'm doing everyone else a favor by puttin a little something on ;)