Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Okay.... I admit it, I slacked off, big time last week. Only one 3 miler on Wednesday. But this week is a new beginning, I'm commiting to run on Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday-Sunday.

I tried to get up early, like last year's 5AMs, but I can't do it this time around. So, I decided to run in the evening. By the time I finish work and walk my dog, I'm out the door for 6h30-7PM. It was hot tonight, 33 oC, but I had a great 3 mile run (3o mins). I'm pretty happy with my time considering the heat, I felt thirsty after 5 mins of running and I had 3 L of water during the day... Very important to stay hydrated in such weather!

I am so in love with my running skirt, I dunno how I ever did all summer in capris last year's. I took a pic for those who were wondering what it looks like. Sorry about the cut off head but it is hard to take a full body shot with the camera timer... :o)

Happy running everyone!


yumke said...

Yeah, unbelievable how much water we need during hot days. I'm now (again) a believer in morning runs.. so much cooler.

As for the camelbak, mine is an older model of this one..

jellypepper said...

nice skirt! where do i get me one?