Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I drove to Blenheim on Sunday for a small town race with about 50 half-marathoners total! The course was very interesting, a mix of dirt road/gravel, pavement, trail and beach/sand running. The good thing is that it was mainly FLAT! I mostly run on pavement so the first half on gravel was something new for me! Rural anf farmer roads where the smell wasn't always of nice flowers ;-) It was very hot and humid (high 30's) but at least it was overcast, I'm not sure how I would have done it with the sun over my head!

I was racing with a friend and she wanted to PB with a finish of 2:05-2:07. I said to her that I didn't think I could do it, but I would try anyway and stick with her for as long as I could. Having run only 4 times since the marathon I wasn't too optimistic! But sometimes you can really surprise yourself!

She started out way to fast for me (9:30 min/mile) so after 2 miles I was not able to keep up so I told her to go ahead. After I slowed down I started to feel better, I kept repeating to myself that time wasn't important and you can't PB at every race. So, it was hot and the bugs were eating me alive but I finished in 2:19:52! My second best half time so I'm pretty happy about that. I won a super door prize, a 32 feet extension cord... I was very excited! :P

Here is a picture of Trixiee at the finish line (after we changed)

I hadn't been able to see my "official" marathon picture as the website of the photographers were down for the past 2 weeks.... but finally they are back online! I decided to order a frame of my picture because I like it so much and it was such a hard race too for me. I should have it in the next 28 days! =)

Have a good running week everyone!


Laurel said...

That's an awesome picture! You dont look miserable at all!

Congratulations on you're great half-marathon time.

Are you guys feeling the heat up there yet? I can barely go outside the humidity is so bad here now. I start my full training next week too :(

FreddyBeachPete said...

Well done on your recent Half Mary's !! There was an interesting article in the recent Running Room magazine about why it's in no way "half" a race. Kudos.

Shelley said...

Way to go girl!!! You are the 1/2 mary queen..:-))

Fran said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 32 foot extension cord.

Michelle said...

Dang, girl!! That is great!!! You're going to be doing HMs every weekend if you keep it up. LOL!

Love that race pic!! Victory!!!!

yumke said...

Hehe.. don't go on a power trip with your prize..

congrats.. and why does it seem like you're racing every few weeks! (not a bad thing, i'm very jealous you are racing)

Ken said...

Wow, a 32-foot extension cord. Great job.

Running by.... said...

Great time! Congrats!

Sonia said...

Thanks everyone! My Wonderful-prize is now at my parents house until I get my own place and I can use this baby! lol