Sunday, February 04, 2007


While I run outside!! I felt a little crazy this morning, the weather network indicated a temperature of -18 oC feeling like -28 oC with windchill. My parents were comfortably sipping on hot coffees in my warm apartment while I went for my run... arghh I felt like putting it off but at the same time I was really excited to try on my new shoes!!! This 9 miler went by "quickly" enough, I only felt the cold for the first 3 miles after that I couldn't feel my thighs, legs, feet or face so I was alright! ;-)

Yesterday we went shopping at Birch Run, an awesome outlet mall, where I bought myself some nice Fila winter running gear and two new pairs of Nike running shoes. And today I spent some more money at the Running Factory for a new Fuel Belt, a pair of wool socks and some mittens. Hopefully my next long run will be a little warmer!!

Happy Running everyone! Stay warm! =)


Shelley said...

You're ONE bad a$$ girl!!! Way to go though!!

Sonia said...

Thanks Shelley =)

I like to believe I am a strong woman... but unlike you I never did 7 ironman!!! You crazy girl! You're definitely a role model for me =)