Sunday, February 25, 2007


Marty has been on blog hiatus for a while now but I still frequently check his case he updates it! And big shock today his page is gone...... =( It's been replaced by some viagra pills add... Well, I hope the running is still going well and everything is alright with the monsters and the rest of the family!!


Anonymous said...

Viagra? Say it ain't so : ) Been injured the last month. Nasty heel injury. Ouch! But I did run the Ft Worth Cowtown 1/2 on the 24th. Set a PR despite the lack of training and pain. But they spelled my last name wrong :( Marty Miles? Who knew? Annnyways everything is superduper in Marty's world...Just needing to take some time off... I will be starting up another blog in May or so, so happy running and take care my cold weather friend : )


Sonia said...

Hey Marty!!

It sucks about the injury! You're hardcore, setting a PR, without much training and in pain!

I got worried when I saw that your blog was down!! Well, have a good break from the blogging world and read you back in May!! Can't wait till you start posting again!

Take care,