Sunday, February 11, 2007


with my new fuel belt! Wow, I've never experienced running with a non-bouncing belt before! That was great! I don't know why I held on for so long on my old one! =) And because Arcaner mentioned having some ice forming in his bottle of water, I decided to put the belt under my windproof coat, close to my body so it would stay warm. And it worked, everything stayed liquid for the whole 1h52 while I ran my 10 miler (11:17 min/mile). Although when I got in, I notice ice forming somewhere else, my pony tail was like a big block of ice! My legs felt tired and my body was already cold so I thought it was the best time to try this cold bath thing (can't do ice!). Well, I lasted 2 mins in there and my calf that was bothering me isn't so bad.... whether the cold bath really works or it's magical thinking!

Yesterday, I ran an uneventful 5 miles pace (9:55 min/mile) but the sun was out and it wasn't as cold as this morning so it was almost nice!

That's it for me, I think this week I will try to run only 4 days and we'll see how the calf is recovering! Happy running everyone, stay warm! =)


Jason The Running Man said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your post came at the right time for me. I'm going to be picking up a fuel belt this week. You may get mad or jealous by my weather.:) Have a great Sunday.

Michelle said...


I'm glad you stopped by my blog!

Hope your calf feels 100 percent soon. I know how much it stinks to run with an injury.

I'm adding your blog to the ones I'm reading now. :)

Running by.... said...

I saw lots of Iron-man triathletes use that fuel belt last Summer. I'm considering upgrading my camelbak soon.