Sunday, February 25, 2007


I hate this weather!!! I ran 12 miles in pouring rain (11:25 min/ mile)... I was soaked, socks included, within 10 mins and it was cold.... thanks for my spiky things to put on my shoes... Do I have to specify that it was not fun at all? I wish I did my LSD yesterday! The only reason why I kept going is in case that next week-end in Burlington has that same weather, at least I will be prepared! The good news: shin splints on my leg left is minimal! It's tapering week now for me =)

Have a good one!


Fran said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy conditions. As much as I detest running in this weather, I don't think I could handle rain during the winter. Happy taper time. Enjoy it.

FreddyBeachPete said...

Hi Sonia,

Came upon your blog through another - Jason, The Running Man. Hope you'll check out my blog. I too consider myself a "penguin" so nice to connect with other members of the flock. Waddle on friend !!

Michelle said...

Well, as you know, I can empathize after running in cruddy weather this weekend myself. And it's raining again, just as I am getting ready for today's run. Ugh.

Yay for tapering week!

yumke said...

i have a love hate with the weather as well.. good on you for pounding it out and have a nice little taper.. enjoy the chilly half!

FreddyBeachPete said...

Hi again Sonia,

"Coach Mike" is a real person. He is from Winnipeg and operates a coaching service called Endurance Matters:

I was given his name by someone who had used his service and was very pleased with the results. I signed up for 6 months of coaching prior to running the NYC marathon and re-enlisted when I found out that I was going to do Boston as a guest of the race sponsor - John Hancock Insurance/Manulife.

Coaching is done via the web. I get a customized two week training schedule, report daily on my results and get advice/feedback from him as necessary. The program he uses with me has fewer running days that most stock programs (usually 4 days one week and 5 the next), weekday runs tend to be shorter, weekend runs longer (especially in the early weeks of training when they seem to build quite quickly) and there is a lot of variety in terms of pace built into many of the runs.

All this for $220/6 months which from what I've seen is a bargain. Plus, he coaches everything from elite to penguins with me squarely in the latter camp (target for Boston is a 4:30 marathon).

Sonia said...

Tapering treated me really well =)

Freddy: Thanks for all the info!! Maybe when I'm out of school and have a little bit more money I could invest in a coach like that. For now, paying to travel and for race registration is barely what I can afford!!

Good luck in Boston!! 4:30 is an amazing time , I hope you make it!! =)