Saturday, August 02, 2008


Ok, so here's the deal, I'm registered for the the Quebec City half which I would love to do.... but I'm definitely not sure it's a good idea!! 1- My foot is screwed up and 2- It's called I haven't done the training for a half, in fact I haven't run over an hour in the last few months! But I really want to do it anyway... Does that make sense?! LoL

Last time I pulled a half with no or little training I had an awesome time and did well, 2:22 in Detroit but I believe some of my foot issues might be coming from that event.... So yeah, the 10K would be better for me...but I just can't seem to commit to downgrade...

Thurday: 1250 m in 29 mins at the pool

Friday, was my long ride of 30.3K in 1h16. It was a little more but I stopped my watch at a red light to have a sip of water and forgot to start it again... I realised about 5 mins later, oh well no biggie!

I was going pretty fast (for me!) at 30-35 Km/h at some point and got super scared. I kept thinking what if I hit a rock? What if I fell off the bike? Or what if a car hits me? At the speed I am going, I might be very injured or die... so pretty dark toughts on the bike for moi. Not sure why I was thinking about that... silly me! Anyhow, it reminded me how much I love running, where my toughts just keep wandering while on the bike you gotta concentrate on all other stuff (road, rocks, people, car etc.) than your toughts!

Oh and I might not have done a 300 miler bike ride yet like Ken, but Bijou is hurting my private parts.... so yeah lots of vaseline will be put before I head out next time... lol

I'm going to do my long run (55 mins) tomorrow in Montreal (if I get up early) or in Ottawa! Going to Ottawa for a second week-end in a row! This time to see friends from Windsor who are on vacation.

Have a good week-end everybody =)


She Who Makes Waves said...

So many things to think about!

My suggestion would be to do the 10km instead of the half marathon. If you do the 10km, possibly you will not make matters worse and then be able to run another half marathon sooner then if you set yourself back by doing the half now. See what other folks suggest and then decide from there! Good Luck!

BeachRunner said...

I say do the 10k too. Better safe than sorry. But, whatever you decide, just have fun and do what you think is best.

Marcy said...

I know what you mean chica. It's so hard to downgrade once you had your mind set on something. I'm sure whatever your decision is, it will be a good one ;-)

And OMG ouch on the lady parts. Do I have to mail you some Bandaids or something? :P

Anonymous said...

Tough decision...sometimes it's worth it down the road to let the foot heal properly and live to run healthy another day. Good luck :)

Totally understand the bike vs. running thing. Running doesn't require as much concentration, yet I've still managed to trip and fall while running over absolutely nothing before!!

Great training!!

Sarah said...

If you have a generic bike seat, you might want to try a women's saddle! I have a Specialized Jett saddle and that bad boy changed my life! Rides are a looot more comfortable now.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Butt butter, Vaseline is so old school. Are they private parts when you tell the world? Some people say if gets tougher in that area, I don't believe them.