Wednesday, July 09, 2008


3 days till my first triathlon and I'm getting pretty nervous about little stupid stuff:

-Do I wear my bra under my bathing suit?
-Do I swim without a bathing suit and with shorts and a top?
-How to I prepare my transition area?
-Do I bring a bottle on the bike ride
-Should I bother with the garmin?

For now, that's pretty much it, I have a friend who answered all the others (more stupid) stuff!!

Training so far this week:
Monday: 10K bike /1.6K run
Tuesday: 2K bike / 1750m swim

I asked the lifeguard if my technique was ok and she said it was good (I never took classes). I just need to adjust my breathing which I will work on next time. So, I'm pretty happy with that =)

I left 'Granny' at the bike store so it will get a much needed maintenance!! And new tires! Woohoo look at me, I'll be Speedy with Granny on Saturday! lol

Oh also, I have an appointment on Monday to the physiotherapist so I can get some laser treatment. My coverage ends on August 31 so I'm trying anything I can before that.... Thanks everyone for the good words on my last post. It's been really hard to not be down about this. I've had to deal with the PF since November last year...


Marcy said...

YOU ARE GOING TO DO AWESOME!! And I'm SURE you'll love it!! ;D ;D

I soooo wish I could help you out with your questions chica. But, I'm only a runner :-( I'll send Lisa (Java) over here. I'm sure she can answer them :-)

J~Mom said...

Hello! Marcy sent me over. :>D I have only done three tris but let me see if I can answer your questions.

-Do I wear my bra under my bathing suit?

I did all three times. I would be fine swimming and biking without it but it was a must for me for the run so I always wear one.

-Do I swim without a bathing suit and with shorts and a top?

So you have a tri suit? I used a tri suit. If you don't have a tri suit then wear a bathing suit and you can throw clothes on over for the bike and run.

-How to I prepare my transition area?

What I did was close my eyes and visualize everything that I would need both before and after each thing. If you email me I can email you pics back of my transition areas.

-Do I bring a bottle on the bike ride

Like a bike bottle in your cage? Absolutely. Even if your race provides water on the bike it's hard to grab and you don't want to depend on that.

-Should I bother with the garmin?

Most do not but I always have. I like to know how I am running.

Above all HAVE FUN!!!! Tris are awesome and I love them!! Feel free to email me any questions or anything! My email is through my profile on my blog. :>)

yumke said...

So exciting to do one. Good luck, look forward to reading about it

Marcy said...

Awwwhhh see, isn't Java the best Nemesis in town? ;-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wear the bra on the outside, make a fashion statement, Ha! Just do it baby, you'll be great.

Runner Leana said...

Oh, such great questions! I wonder the same things, but here are my thoughts:

-Do I wear my bra under my bathing suit?
Hmm, well I don't know...
-Do I swim without a bathing suit and with shorts and a top?
I bought a tri top and tri shorts, so I'm going to wear those during the whole race. If you don't have them, then just go with the suit and throw clothes on in transition.
-How to I prepare my transition area?
Google "beginner triathlon tips" and I think you get a lot of great suggestions. I've heard to lay a towel out on the ground, have your running shoes ready to go with the laces nice and loose, your helmet hanging from your bike with your sunglasses and gloves inside (and maybe your Garmin too).
-Do I bring a bottle on the bike ride
Yes, just be sure that it fits well and you can pull it out of the cage. I bought my bottle the day before the race, crammed it in the cage in transition and realized there was no way I was going to be able to pull that bottle out while cycling. You may want to try to practice cycling and pulling the bottle out.
-Should I bother with the garmin?
I love my Garmin, so I would definitely have mine! It has a great multisport feature, so check out the user guide for how to set it up. You can even set it up to include transitions.

Good luck!

She Who Makes Waves said...

I hope your first triathlon is a fun experience for you! I'll be back to read all about it!

Good luck and enjoy!

Arcane said...

Good luck this weekend. Hopefully Granny will make it easy for you!

anners said...

I must be living in a hole...I didn't know you were doing a tri! Good luck and have fun!!

I am so sorry to hear that your foot is still giving you issues...BOOOO to that! Hang in there!!!

Sonia said...

Thanks everybody!! Pretty nervous today, I just don't like the 'unknown'! Lol when you run a race, you get to the start line and you run. So many other things are involve in a try!

Ann: I haven't talked about this on RM at all! And only one post on my blog about it a while back.