Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Will help you get rid a of cold!!! YAY! I feel totally fine today! Resting this week-end was the best thing I could have done =)

I ran 3 miles yesterday with my dog. After spending all day inside at the air conditioning, I didn't realise it was 28oC outside and that we had a smog advisory... We stop every 0.5 miles and he drank some of my gatorade. My poor fur-baby looked like he was going to have a heart attack around mile 2... so we slowed down. At some point, I even picked him up and kept running holding him!! Note to self, he can run 3 miles when it's cold out. He's just not a runner =( I think I've resigned myself now! Average pace = 15:03 min/mile!!!! OMG that was the longest 3 miles I have ever ran! BUT my dog didn'T have a heart attack =)

On other news, I went to an atheletic bra clinic at the Running Factory last night and the guest speaker was Silvia Ruegger. She's holding the title of the fastest canadian marathoning women (1985) with a time of 2:28:36!! Oh man was she inspiring! She was explaining her story, that with 4 months before the National Capital Marathon in 1984 she decided to switch to marathon training, her previous specialty being the 1500m and her longest long run was 12 miles! She had an intense training, more than 100 km per WEEK! And in the end, she won the NCM marathon (1st woman) and was one of the 3 canadian women to qualify and participate in the first time women marathon at the Olympics! AND THIS WAS IN 1984!! I had no clue women could not do long distance running in Olympics until after I was born, this seem so surreal!

She definitely inspired me and totally pumped me up for Sunday! I am so excited and cannot wait to race and give my best at the marathon! This was exactly what I needed after getting a bit down with catching a cold. Anyway, I could write a lot more about her but I'm not sure it interest everyone! If you have a chance to hear her speak go for it!

Happy running!!


yumke said...

wow, just a few days left! rest up, store the carbs and confidence and good luck as you get to race day

Michelle said...

Ooooh, good luck with your marathon this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Glad your dog didn't have a heart attack, too. ;-)

Sonia said...

Thanks guys! I hope everything will go well =)