Sunday, May 20, 2007


Going to the West Coast! =) I will be gone for a week and will be internet-less! I'm excited to run in Stanley Park and try my new running skirt! I ran only once this week, 2 miles on Thursday, my IT band was really tight and my feet felt weird. My feet is still a bit shaky but I'm hoping this will clear up as we're going to do lots of walking in Vancouver!

Have a good running week everyone!


Shelley said...

Running'll have to show us pics girl!!!

Michelle said...

Have fun in Vancouver!!!

Kristi said...

I love the running skirts...although I haven't worn mine in months...They're so much more comfortable than the shorts. Just watch where you put your fuel belt. Practice wearing the two together before running with them both, the first time I wore my fuel belt with my skirt I couldn't figure out how to cinch the fuel belt tight enough but not also cause my skirt to ride up as I ran. Gotta love exposing your spandex clad rear to the traffic behind you