Friday, May 04, 2007


I have a cold.... I'm all stuffed up and can only think about sleeping. My head hurts and I cannot breathe properly. I just bought that cold FX remedy... hopefully this can pull out some miracle in time for the marathon. I've been struggling with the thought of missing my last LSD tomorrow (8miles). I rarely miss runs, I feel like I'm being lazy if I even just think about skipping a run... I will see how I feel tomorrow morning but I feel tiny bit silly to even considering going... It's just 8 miles and I know it should not affect my performance on marathon day....

Other than that, I felt pretty zen about the marathon... not as excited as the previous one. I guess it didn'T help that I had a crazy week at school + some personal turmoil... I went back to read my blog entries from last October before the marathon and it got me all excited again. So, I know when I'm going to stand on the starting line, game face will be on and I will do my best

I decided to share my expectations with you and will try to not be disappointed if I can't pull it off my first goal...
1) Finish in 4:30-4:40 (Pace = 10:15 to 10:40 min/mile)
2) Finish between 4:41-4:49 (Pace = 10:45 to 11:00 min/mile)
3) Finish between 4:50: 4:59 (Pace = 11:05 to 11:25 min/mile)
I do not think that my first goal is out of reach. According to MacMillan and my fastest half-marathon, I could do 4:33. Hopefully, the weather gods will be on my side and I will feel good on race day!
Here is the week recap
Tuesday 4 miles @ 11:07 min/mile
Wednesday 3 miles @ 11:33 min/mile with my pooch
Thursday 4 miles @ 10:39min/mile
Have a good week-end everyone


Fran said...

Well whatever you decided to do, I hope it went well. Hopefully the Cold-fx works well for you. I've been popping two a day since last year and i didn't come down with anything (touch wood). That's quite the improvement you're going for. You've put in the training and you should be fine.

Plus you get to hang out with all those maniacs!

Anonymous said...


Awesome training! Good luck at Forest City and let the wind be at ye back: )


yumke said...

Wow, six days left!. Get better and remember that your training is behind you and you should rest up.. good luck on meeting your goals..

Laurel said...

Resting now is probably a waaay better idea than running just to run and being exhausted.

I'm sure no matter what you are going to rock this race. I can't wait to read report.

Good luck!!!

jellypepper said...

I hope the rest and cold-fx did the trick! good luck at the marathon and can't wait to read your race report.
i'll say a little prayer to the weather gods for you.

Sonia said...

MARTY! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your good wishes before the marathon means a lot to me =)

I am done with being sick! Resting was the best thing! So thanks to all of you for convincing me to do the right thing!! =)