Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone!! =) I hope you will all celebrate with your families tonight and tomorrow. It's difficult to believe it's Christmas eve with that temperature, 6 oC without snow! Me and my dad decided to play a little prank on my boyfriend who has never been to Montreal and make him believe that we were ready to go for a swim.... hence the picture!! And we were not even cold! =)

This weather feels like we are in the spring!! I'm not complaining because this is great weather to run in! Although it did start only today, yesterday I did 3 miles in the ice rain and ice grounds and today was beautiful like that for my 6 miler. I finished in 1:00:03 must have been my fastest time so far. I've read that the "off season" as they call it should be a time to run slower but I don't feel like I'm pushing myself hard when I run... not sure if I should try and slow down, any opinions from other experienced runners?

I'll leave you on this and I hope you will all have a great time with your families! Joyeux Noël and don't indulge in food and wine too much!! =)


Arcaner said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you're enjoying yourself back home. It's too bad that there was no white Christmas this year. You should sign up for a polar bear dip. That would have really freaked him out.

As for running slow, it may help depending on what type of runner you are. It's mostly for building endurance and stamina. I did it last year and saw big improvements, but that's because my stamina was bad. This year I think my stamina is alrady pretty high and I'm finding that running slow isn't really helping. At least not that I can tell yet. I'm going to give it till the middle of januray and then see.

Suzanne said...

Joyeux Noël à toute la famille!

Suzanne (l'ex collègue de papa Roger) XXXX

Anonymous said...


Ton père a vraiment l'air d'un retraité très heureux avec sa fille préférée en sa compagnie.

Bonne année à toute la famille

George & Madeleine XXX

Marty said...

Great running attire : ) Nice 6 miler! Have a great New Year!


Sonia said...

Arcaner: thanks for the tip, I think I'll just run as fast as I can when I can! I don't think I'm advanced enough to think about reducing my speed!

Marty: Thanks for stopping by!

Merci Suzanne, Georger et Madeleine pour les voeux de bonne année