Monday, December 18, 2006

I AM FREE!!!!!

I just successfully passed my doctoral qualifying exam today and I'm officially a Ph.D. Candidate!!!! YAY! I haven't run for the past week but that's part of the deal when you're studying so hard! So GLAD it's over and I am not looking back! I will be putting on those running shoes tomorrow and starting at week 2 (yes I missed the first week...) of
Hal Higdon's Half-marathon training schedule. Can't wait to run again!!!

Happy Running all!!! =)


Shelley said...

Whoaaaaaaa way to go!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you!!! Great job passing your you feel smarter now that you can tell people that you are a PhD candidate instead of just studying for the test to make you one?
You should be totally proud of yourself!

Arcaner said...

congratulations! nice going!

Sonia said...

Thanks guys!! =)

Kristi, you're totally right, I feel much more smarter now! ;-)