Thursday, December 21, 2006


I'm finally on vacation!! YAY! I'm leaving with the 6 AM train tomorrow back to nice Old Montreal. I'm excited to see the family and my niece again, she must have changed so much since the last time I saw her in early November!!

I didn't have any time to run today but will definitely do some speed work tomorrow on the dreadmill at my parents'.

I felt so special when I read on Kristi's blog that she tagged me!!! The Good Doctor (a blog that I often read without leaving any comments!!) started this game which consist of going to the closest book and typing the title and author here. Then to turn to page 123 and find the fifth sentence on that page and to let you know the next three sentences...

So here we go, you guys are lucky this is a French book!!

Title: Carnets de Naufrage, Author: Guillaume Vigneault
Quote: Je suis passé au frigo me préparer une sorte de repas, comme je le fais toujours en rentrant du boulot. Du fromage, du jambon, un oeuf dur, un reste de saucisson, et un concombre pour me donner une bonne consistence. Avec une bière, pour les bulles.

Then we have to tag three more people. So I've chosen, Amanda (who hasn't blog in too long!!), Yumke and Liv (who Looooves these chain things!! :P).

Last week before Christmas!! Happy running everyone! =)


Marty said...

Merry Christmas : ) Have a great New Year!


Papa Roger said...

Bonjour Sonia

Welcome Home

Papa Roger

Anonymous said...

happy holidays sonia! i'll get right to work right away.. maybe until after dinner..

Sonia said...

Hey Marty!!

thanks a lot for stopping by my blog during your blog hiatus!!! I miss your posts very much, hope to see you back in the new year!

Papa: c'est vraiment super d'être de retour!

Yumke: you've been tagged!!