Saturday, August 05, 2006


The weather was cool at 6 AM! =) It was almost a little chilly for the first mile of my 12 miles journey. I wanted to go running on a trail to make it easier on my knee joints, so I headed for Malden Park (2 miles to go there). What I realized is that I run slow on trails! I'm always afraid I'm gonna trip on a rock and torn my ankle so I go slower... am I the only one who does that?? I tried pushing for speed but I seriously lack balance and didn't want to fall!! The sunrise was beautiful, bright red and orange between the green of the trees =) Trails were great on the joints though so I did about 4 miles there and headed to my usual RiverFront path. After 6 miles, I stopped 2 minutes to stretch and eat the Power Bar GEL flavor Double Latte.... wasn't the best but it did give me the boost I needed to keep going! I arrived at the RiverFront path and I only had 4 miles left, felt like this was going to be easy! I mean ONLY 4 miles ;-) The last mile was really the thoughest but I didn't gave up! 12 miles in 2:24 =)

Here I am 12 miles and a shower later waiting for my Friend Flashy to go for Breakfast! =)

Hope all the runners will get a great run in the somewhat cool weather!


jellypepper said...

Great work Sonia!
I like the trails because I like the atmosphere, the quiet (when I turn off the ipod, that is), the lack of cars, and mostly the shade from the trees. But at the same time, I don't like the isolation ... sometimes it's too quiet... which is why I start a little later, when there are a few more people out. Though the trails I mostly use are really bike paths, and so it's not true trail running, which I prefer because it feels better than asphalt or cement.

Frankie said...

That's a nice looking trail! And thanks for your comments as well.