Saturday, April 05, 2008


So, I'm leaving Windsor in 3 weeks and to celebrate this and the fact that my best friend has followed in my runner's steps (she likes to call it "Run it forward"), we decided to run as many races as possible until I leave! Now, what a plan, right?

We started with Around the Bay last week, 30K for me and 5K for her. Tomorrow, we will be running The Miracle 5K race together, I will go at her pace, its a challenging course with several hills so we're not expecting PBs there. Next week-end we're driving to London (ON) for the Run for Retina 10K where I will pace her in her first 10K race! How exciting to be there for my best friend on her debut at the 10K distance! =)
Last week's in Review:
Wednesday 3.1 miles @ 11:46 min/mile (still sore from ATB)
Thursday 4.1 miles @ 11:41 min/mile (PF hurt......)

My pictures from last week's race are pretty good. Here's one running alone and being super Orange!
The one below is my favorite! Jaime and I celebrating after crossing the finish line together!


rachelle said...
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yumke said...

Hope you had a fun race! It's racing season so good to get them in while it's not summer yet :) Love the last picture in the series.

Marcy said...

That is freeking awesome chica! Now that is a way to celebrate! ;-) I wish I could be there for the Run For Retina. It's on my list of "to dos" ;-)

Love the pics ;D

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great idea about the races but I would think a few visits to Danny’s would be on the list!

Sonia said...

Ken: hahaha Danny's lol!!

She doesn't want to go there... not sure why!!

Thanks for the comments everyone. ATB was a lot of fun, I'm over my time now so I can tell you that I love long distance running =)

Runner Leana said...

Those are awesome pictures - the last one is terrific! That sounds like a great idea to run 3 races in 3 weeks together.