Sunday, April 06, 2008


It was a beautiful day in Windsor and altough I wasn't feeling like racing all that much when I woke up, the excitement of the race ramped up as when we watched the kids run the "Dash" and "1K". Some of these kids were so cute!!

I was running this to pace my best friend, Flashy, on a very challenging course, think hills, hills and then more hills!! It's good we did a practice run there on Wednesday because that big hill is definitely scaryt! I pushed her hard during the race but I knew she could do it and finish the race feeling accomplished. And she was pretty proud of her performance so that's all that counts!! =) Coach-Sonia that's a job well done too!!

I'll update later with the official results but my Garmin says 36:57 for 3.27 miles. Definitely my slowest 5K but seeing my friend so happy and telling me she wouldn'T have finished it without me means a lot more to me than a PW =)

Here is a pic of Flashy and I taken after the race, all purple and all happy!!

My foot hurts, like a lot, the PF is worse than its even been. So, going to a new chiro/ART practioner tomorrow and hopefully she can help me get rid of this. I might take have to take it easi-er this week..... with the Run for Retina 10K race next week-end, I gotta be in shape for that! I will have a special thought for my blogger friend Marcy during that race. ;D

Have a running great week everyone!

p-s 9 days until my Ph.D. defense right now!!

ETA: Official time is 37:14


Arcane said...

it looks like you had a fun time. Hope the ART works for you. Good luck with the defense by the way..

Michelle said...

Great job, Sonia!! It's not all about the finish time, but if you had a good time!

Good luck on your defense. Keep us posted!!

Marcy said...

You definitely look happy and that's what's it's all about right?

I'm going to be jealous! I so want to run with you next weekend!

Runner Leana said...

It sounds like you had a great race together. My slowest 10K time came because I couldn't run but I wound up walking with 3 friends of mine. We stopped and took pictures at every mile marker and took our time thanking all the volunteers - it was terrific! And we weren't even dead last finish either.

I'm so sorry to hear your PF is still bugging you. Hopefully the new chiro will help you out. Best of luck with that, and with your thesis defense!!

yumke said...

It was good of you to act as a pacer :) Take care of the injury..

TNTcoach Ken said...

Sunshine, argh my eyes! It was a great day to race Coach Sonia! Don’t get crazy and hurt that foot more than it already is.

Sonia said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Ken: foot is holding on.... but barely and I ran out of coverage =( so it goes out from my pocket now....

I just realised they call this race "chip timed" but there is no starting mat! Which is kinda silly, its gun time. Anyhow, my friend was happy and so was I =) I'm pacing her on Sunday for her first 10K and I'm sure I'm going to have as much fun =)