Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Speedwork tonight, 3 miles at 5 K pace, or trying to get as close as possible to it!

3 miles @ 9:21 min/mile

with splits at:
Mile 1: 9:11 min/mile
Mile 2: 9:24 min/mile
Mile 3: 9:28 min/mile

My 5K PB is 27:33 which means 8:52 min/mile average... I pushed myslef tonight and got pretty close so, in my book, that's enough! The pooch took another injury break but his pad look better and he looked so sad when I left him! So, he's back on the road for the Fun-Run tomorrow!

Have a good night everyone!


Michelle said...

Great job!!!

My short-term goal is to be able to run three miles in under 30 minutes. I wish I was as fast as you!!

Marcy said...

AWESOME JOB CHICA!!! Look at that! ;D ;D

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Speedracer the Olympics aren’t until 2008. We don’t want you peaking too soon. Good job with the splits.

yumke said...

Hard to push but you did it. Great job!

David Rodriguez said...

Good rhythms if sir, when trains things sooner or later come gradually improve your miles, bustling and a greeting.

Laurel said...

Nice job on the run!!! Poor Rocky :(