Sunday, December 16, 2007


We rarely have lot of snow in Windsor. And we never really have snow on the ground before I leave for the Christmas vacation, let alone that much (15 cm)!! That's quite a big deal here! Rocky has snow up to his neck, he has to jump like a little Rabbit to move! It is so funny! =) At least we don't have as much as Montreal or Toronto (up to 50 cm!).


Fran said...

it's not looking too bad here in Toronto right now. It looks like the same as what you are having in Windsor. Hope your blood work can tell you what's up. Can't you become an Ontario resident and then have OHIP pay for the tests?

Marcy said...

Really?!? You don't get a lot of snow? That surprises me for some reason. Probably because you're further north than me LOL

David Rodriguez said...

The images are beautiful, I suppose that the negative side will be able to train so the snow is what you do in these cases?, Enjoys these days, a greeting.

TNTcoach Ken said...

You’re so lucky to be South of us in Detroit! Just wait until winter and then we’ll get the snow. Get Well chica!

Michelle said...

Pretty!! I am actually a tad jealous of those who get snow. We never get it here, and I would love to have a little for the kids to play in.

When we lived in Redding, CA, we had a huge snow storm. It was December 2003, and I was heavily pregnant with Kara. We got about 18 inches at our house, which is almost unheard of for that area. Everything literally shut down for two days, including the freeways. It was kind of a pain, but kind of fun, too.

Laurel said...

Wow! I haven't seen snow like that in awhile!

Well, if you think it's cold up there, wait till you get to was a blustery SIXTY degrees (F) last night! Haha..

And I'm not even kidding that the news anchors were reminding people to bring their plants and pets inside.

Sonia said...

David, I run outside all year round! A true Canadian!

Marcy: I am as South as you can be in Canada. We're even south of Detroit! =) We have a very light winter usually.

Oh my god Laurel! Too funny, 60's keep the pet inside!

Thanks everyone for leaving comments =)